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If you're brand new to Tapestry and are looking for help on how to create a Tapestry account and what to do when you first login, take a look at one of these:


Starting with Tapestry (Written)

Starting with Tapestry for EYFS (video)

Starting with Tapestry for Key Stage 1 & 2 (video)


For those of you who already have an account and are looking for something more than the very first things you do when you login, take a look through the list of tutorials below. They will take you through all of the functions available on Tapestry. Many of them require manager access but if you've been set up as a full account staff member or PIN only staff member you may still find these useful, especially those under the headings
'Getting Started with Tapestry' and 'General Use'.

We have now also begun adding video tutorials to our YouTube Channel here

If you have a relative account, the best place to go for help using Tapestry is here. Alternatively you can speak to a manager at your child's setting.



Setting up Tapestry (managers only)

  1. Starting with Tapestry for EYFS (video)
  2. Starting with Tapestry for Key Stage 1 & 2 (video)
  3. How to purchase and set up a new Tapestry account
  4. How to purchase a new account if you're based in Australia
  5. Setting up your term dates/assessment periods
  6. Controlling which assessment frameworks are enabled on your account
  7. Enabling flags
  8. Bespoke flags - adding and editing flag sets
  9. Bespoke flags - draft flags
  10. Setting up EYFS 2021
  11. Enabling and disabling Birth to Five Matters flags and reference materials
  12. Setting up CoETL 2021
  13. Setting up the KS1 and KS2 assessment sections 
  14. Setting up and using the SEND framework
  15. Setting up and using the Cherry Garden framework
  16. Setting up and using the Pre-Key Stage 1 and 2 framework
  17. Setting up and using the IEYC framework
  18. Setting up and using the Australian EYLF framework 
  19. Setting up and using the Australian VEYLDF framework
  20. Setting up and using the Australian Developmental Milestones
  21. Adding your Tapestry contact details
  22. Adding children individually
  23. Activating children that are enrolling
  24. Child Status FAQs
  25. Adding profile photos for children
  26. Setting user permissions for children
  27. Adding staff members individually
  28. Creating a CSV (spreadsheet) file for adding children and staff
  29. Importing children from SIMS
  30. Adding children in bulk via CSV (spreadsheet) file
  31. Adding staff in bulk via CSV (spreadsheet) file
  32. How to change a staff user type
  33. Setting user permissions for staff
  34. Setting default notification preferences for staff
  35. Setting a password policy
  36. Linking key children to staff
  37. Restricting staff to only see their key children
  38. Setting your page filter defaults to only show your key children
  39. Adding groups
  40. Enabling memos
  41. Customising your account
  42. Which device to use with the Tapestry app

    Getting Started with Tapestry
  43. The difference between the browser version of Tapestry and the App
  44. Changing your PIN, password, and email address from the browser
  45. Setting your own notification preferences
  46. How to manage your newsletter preferences
  47. Adding an observation
  48. Adding a group observation and splitting it
  49. Observation Statuses
  50. How to delete and restore observations
  51. Scheduling posts
  52. Using the new EYFS 2021 framework
  53. Setting Key Stage Maintained Achievement Points for children
  54. Assessing with the KS1 and KS2 frameworks
  55. Baseline assessment (Cherry Garden)
  56. Setting Targets (Cherry Garden)
  57. How Cherry Garden scores are calculated
  58. All About Me

    Bespoke Frameworks
  59. Bespoke Frameworks: Creating a CSV
  60. Bespoke Frameworks: Uploading your CSV file
  61. Bespoke Frameworks: Scales, Details & Components
  62. Bespoke Frameworks: Editing a framework
  63. Bespoke Frameworks: Deleting a framework
  64. Bespoke Frameworks: Draft Bespoke Frameworks

    Child Login
  65. Enabling and setting up Child Login
  66. Setting up login pages for groups of children
  67. Generating/resetting passwords for children
  68. How to use the Child Login feature
  69. Child password setting advice
  70. Setting user permissions for children
  71. Enabling a group login page on other computers
  72. Editing a group login page
  73. Setting up and removing home access to Child Login
  74. What to do if you can't see a child or group on the Child Login page
  75. How to delete or remove access to group login pages
  76. Tutorials for children

  77. How to log in to Tapestry CPD
  78. Using Tapestry CPD
  79. How to enrol onto a course
  80. How to unsubscribe or change CPD email preferences
  81. How to change your linked Tapestry account

  82. Using the Montessori Framework
  83. Linking the EYFS to your Montessori assessments
  84. Linking Montessori activities to EYLF outcomes
  85. Using the Montessori Framework on the app (iOS)

  86. Setting up Reflections
  87. Adding a Reflection
  88. Viewing a Reflection
  89. Updating a Reflection

    Reflections if you have the Australian account 
    (This is only applicable to you if you are based in Australia)
  90. How to enable Reflections on your account (Australian Services only)
  91. Setting up Tag sets  (Australian Services only)
  92. Setting user permissions for Reflections  (Australian Services only)
  93. Adding Reflections  (Australian Services only)
  94. Restricted Reflections  (Australian Services only)
  95. Viewing Reflections by Tag  (Australian Services only)
  96. Tag Counts Summary screen  (Australian Services only)
  97. Reflection Count screens  (Australian Services only)
  98. Staff Activity Screen  (Australian Services only)
  99. Relative Activity Screen   (Australian Services only)

  100. Setting up 'Activities'
  101. Tapestry's Activity Catalogue
  102. Your Activities Collection
  103. Adding activities to your activities collection
  104. Planned Activities

    Care Diary
  105. Setting up the Care Diary
  106. How to use the Care Diary features
  107. How to add an accident form on the Care Diary
  108. How to bulk export accident forms
  109. Accident Tracking
  110. How to use the Comments tool in the Care Diary

  111. How to enable the Accidents Feature
  112. Adding an Accident Form from the Accidents Feature
  113. How to bulk export accident forms
  114. Using the Comments Tool in the Accidents Feature
  115. Accident Tracking

  116. Setting up the Documents Feature
  117. How to use the Documents feature
  118. How to Delete Folders and Files from the Documents Feature

  119. Adding and editing a report
  120. Setting staff user permissions for reports
  121. Setting relative user permissions for reports
  122. Exporting reports to PDF
  123. Deleting and restoring reports
  124. Creating an EYFS 2021 report
  125. Creating a EYFS 2021 Two Year Check Report
  126. Creating a SEND Report
  127. Creating a Key Stage Report
  128. Creating a Montessori Report
  129. Creating an EYLF Report
  130. Creating a VEYLDF Report

    General Use
  131. Beginning a new academic year to-do list
  132. Updating your Tapestry contact details
  133. How to switch between staff accounts
  134. Using Flags
  135. Name Labels
  136. Hashtags
  137. Memos
  138. Scheduling posts
  139. How to reply to an observation with an observation
  140. Linking when adding or editing a post
  141. Downloading journals to PDFs for staff and relatives
  142. Viewing changes that have been made to your account ('History')
  143. Tapestry email log
  144. Exporting data into SIMS
  145. Reactivating an inactive/deleted child
  146. Reactivating an inactive/deleted staff member
  147. Reactivating an inactive/deleted relative
  148. Using the page filters
  149. Retrying a user's activation
  150. Resubscribing Unsubscribed Users
  151. Fixing Duplicate Accounts
  152. User Status
  153. Logging into the FSF using your Tapestry details
  154. Old EYFS tutorials

    Setting up Relatives (managers only)
  155. Setting up relatives video
  156. Adding relatives individually
  157. Creating a CSV file (spreadsheet) for adding relatives
  158. Adding relatives in bulk via CSV (spreadsheet) file
  159. Linking relatives to children
  160. Setting user permissions for relatives
  161. Setting a password policy
  162. Setting default notification preferences for relatives
  163. Allowing relatives to export media from observations
  164. Managing received relatives from a child transfer

  165. Staff Observation Count screen
  166. Relative Activity screen
  167. How to bulk export observations for moderation purposes
  168. EYFS 2021 - Areas of Concern (Guided View)
  169. EYFS 2021 - Areas of Concern (Group View)
  170. EYFS 2021 - Thoroughness Screens
  171. EYFS 2021 - How to see the number of observations for children
  172. SEND: Summative assessment screen
  173. SEND: Statements screen
  174. Cherry Garden: Orchard
  175. Cherry Garden: Individual Statement Screen
  176. Cherry Garden: Strand Scores
  177. Cherry Garden: Term Progress
  178. Cherry Garden: Target Progress
  179. Pre-Key Stage 1/2 Statements Screens
  180. KS1 and KS2 summative assessment data
  181. KS1/KS2 Analysis – Attainment screen
  182. KS1/KS2 Analysis - Achievement Screen
  183. KS1/KS2 Analysis - Absence screen
  184. KS1/KS2 Analysis - Coverage screen
  185. Montessori Activities Overview Screen
  186. Montessori Summative assessment screen
  187. Montessori Assessment Count screen
  188. Australian EYLF Summative Assessment screens
  189. Australian EYLF Indicator Screens
  190. Australian EYLF Assessment Count Screens
  191. Australian EYLF Progress Screen
  192. Australian VEYLDF Summative Assessment Screens
  193. Australian VEYLDF Indicator Screens
  194. Australian VEYLDF Assessment Count Screens
  195. Australian VEYLDF Progress Screen
  196. Australian Developmental Milestones Summative Assessment Screens
  197. Australian Developmental Milestones Progress Tracker Screens
  198. Leuven Analysis Screens

    End of the Year
  199. Downloading journals to PDFs for staff and relatives
  200. How to bulk export observations
  201. How to bulk export pictures and videos from observations
  202. Allowing staff and relatives to export media from observations
  203. Transferring children between Tapestry packages
  204. Deactivating children
  205. Deleting children
  206. Activating children that are enrolling
  207. Deactivating staff members
  208. Deleting staff members
  209. Deactivating relatives
  210. Deleting relatives
  211. EYFSP ELG 2021 Submission
  212. EYFSP ELG 2021 - GLD screen
  213. Exporting data into SIMS
  214. EYFS - 6 things to do at the end of term
  215. Key Stage - 5 things to do at the end of term

  216. Which device to use with the Tapestry app
  217. Restarting the App
  218. Extending your login time on Android devices
  219. Extending your login time on Apple devices
  220. What to do if the videos you are taking through Tapestry aren't recording sound

    iOS App
  221. iOS app walk-through
  222. How to add an observation on the app - iOS
  223. How to add flags on the iOS App
  224. How to switch school/nursery/childminder on the iOS app
  225. Enabling and using the offline mode on the iOS app
  226. Enabling and using push notifications on the iOS app
  227. How to change your email, password and PIN on the iOS app
  228. Enabling Face ID or Touch ID on the iOS App
  229. What to do if a user isn't receiving push notifications

    Android App
  230. Android app walk-through
  231. How to add an observation on the Android app
  232. How to add flags on the Android App
  233. Editing an observation on Android app
  234. Deleting/changing the status an observation on the Android app
  235. Draft observations on the Android app
  236. Replying to an observation with an observation on the Android app
  237. How to switch user on the Android app
  238. How to switch school/nursery/childminder on the Android app
  239. Enabling and using the offline mode on the Android app
  240. Enabling and using push notifications on the Android app
  241. How to change your email, password and PIN on the Android app
  242. How to set up fingerprint unlocking on the Android app
  243. What to do if a user isn't receiving push notifications

    Troubleshooting and Tips
  244. Finding/restoring inactive or deleted children
  245. How to merge duplicate child accounts
  246. Tapestry password setting advice
  247. Having more than one account
  248. Why you might be getting logged out repeatedly
  249. Can't add relative as it says "This email address is already in use"
  250. Troubleshooting for relative logging in issues
  251. Troubleshooting for staff member logging in issues
  252. Unlocking locked accounts
  253. Not receiving email notifications
  254. Transfer notifications explanations
  255. What to do when you are a manager/headteacher leaving your setting
  256. How to upload large videos
  257. Setting up iPad/iOS parental controls
  258. What to do if a user isn't receiving push notifications

    Managing your Tapestry and FSF subscriptions
  259. Converting a trial account
  260. How to renew your account/pay an invoice
  261. Increasing your Tapestry package size
  262. Your invoice explained
  263. How to add a PO number to your invoice
  264. How to add an alternative FSF contact
  265. How to change your FSF email address
  266. How to update your address/contact details
  267. Settling an invoice through the FSF
  268. Logging into FSF using your Tapestry details

    Data Protection 
  269. Subject Access Request
  270. We entered the wrong email address into Tapestry, giving a stranger access
  271. Someone says they can see observations relating to a child that they should not be able to see
  272. What to do if someone has had their email account hacked or stolen
  273. Someone appears to be using someone else's account
  274. The laptop, phone or tablet someone uses to access Tapestry has been lost or stolen
  275. How to delete the personal data on your Tapestry account
  276. How to deal with a request to restrict processing


If you can't find the answer to your query here, you can contact our customer support team by emailing tapestry.support@eyfs.info


If you're looking for resources such as downloadable copies of parent guides, permission slip templates, or ideas of things to consider in terms of safeguarding and Tapestry please take a look in our resources section. You will need to choose a subcategory from the left hand side. Please note - you will have to be logged into your Foundation Stage Forum user account in order to view and download them.

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