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How to add flags on the new Android App


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This tutorial will show you how to add flags to observations using the Tapestry Android app.

The first thing you'll need to do is make sure that you have flags enabled. This can only be done by a Manager using the browser version at tapestryjournal.com as they'll need to access the Control Panel. For information on how to do this please see our tutorial on Enabling Flags.

Once you have flags enabled and have logged into the app, click on '+' at the top to add an observation.




You can make any of the changes to your observation, such as adding a title or changing the status, and then add a flag by tapping on 'Select' in the box with 'Flags' in it (1). If you have the EYFS 2021 Flag set enabled you'll also see a reference material section you can tap on (2), with links to relevant information to support your observations.




Once you select 'Flags', You'll then see all of the available flags that you have enabled. You can click on any of the relevant flag sets to view and select them for the observation. In this case I'm going to select a flag from 'EYFS 2021'.





When viewing the specific flag set you'll see another shortcut to the reference material (1), and you can tap on the star icon (2) to favourite this flag set so it will show at the top of the Flags screen for quick selection. 

Once you've made your selection by ticking the flag set and relevant area/s (3), tap on "Done" (4) at the top of the screen.



You'll see an overview of the flag set(s) that you've selected for this observation (1). If you're happy with the selection then just click on "Done" (2) to return to the observation.




Then you'll be able to see the observation overview with the flag added (1). If you're happy with this then just select "Upload" (2), and that's it!





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