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What is well-being and what does it look like? The Foundation Stage Forum has been working with national trauma, wellness and resilience expert Jane Evans to work out what exactly the Early Years Foundation Stage asks us to do.

Practitioners do excellent work that goes unnoticed, leading many to feel disconnected and retreat in their field or even their classroom. So, then, many convince themselves that they are “just teachers”. When you are in the classroom, aren’t …
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Quality Early Years practice comes from an understanding of child development and also a belief that children should play the principle role in leading their learning. What we do and how we do it is built on centuries of theory, research and succes…
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Reflective practice is never going to be truly effective unless we are 100% honest with ourselves about what we do, remembering there is a distinct difference between what we might say or think we do and what we actually do.  Reflection is like put…