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I’ve worked in Westminster for over sixteen years now, yet the past couple of years since the EU Referendum and the election of President Trump have doubtlessly been the most fascinating in my career.
We need to challenge historical thinking about learning environments based on new understanding of brain development, language acquisition, physical development and attachment theory. We need fresh eyes!
Reflective practice is never going to be truly effective unless we are 100% honest with ourselves about what we do, remembering there is a distinct difference between what we might say or think we do and what we actually do.  Reflection is like put…
Quality Early Years practice comes from an understanding of child development and also a belief that children should play the principle role in leading their learning. What we do and how we do it is built on centuries of theory, research and succes…
Practitioners do excellent work that goes unnoticed, leading many to feel disconnected and retreat in their field or even their classroom. So, then, many convince themselves that they are “just teachers”. When you are in the classroom, aren’t …
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 Welcome to the Foundation Stage Forum


For over ten years the FSF has been a platform for a passionate and vibrant community of EYFS professionals, including nursery practitioners, childminders, reception teachers, advisers and consultants, and educators and writers.
We're proud of the quality of our conversation and support here, and our ethos (exemplified by the Lessons from Geese video) of courtesy and mutual respect, even while arguing from very different points of view.

 What's new

New 'Working together to Safeguard Children' document published

The new document replaces Working Together to Safeguard Children (2015).  There are some amendments that will need to be written into policies and procedures, the NSPCC has provided an extremely useful guide to the changes. Additionally, there is an excellent advice document covering our responsibilities when it comes to information sharing. You can discuss all these new documents on this thread.

We're making a change to the way we charge for Tapestry

Dear all,

We wanted to let you know of a change we are making to the way we charge for Tapestry. During the very early days of Tapestry, most of our customers came from our Early Years Foundation Stage Forum (The FSF). The FSF was available …

Government response to L2 consultation released

On 3 March 2017, the Department for Education (DfE) published the early years workforce strategy that included the intention to work with the sector and awarding organisations to develop criteria for the content of level 2 childcare …

Amendments published to the childcare disqualification arrangements

The announcement means that childcarers will no longer be disqualified from providing childcare or working in non-domestic childcare settings simply because someone who lives or works in their household is disqualified. The new rules do not apply to childminders. It is important to remember that ongoing staff suitability checks and robust risk assessments of all staff working with children are still good practice. You can read the amendments here. You can discuss it on this thread.

BERA publish analysis of new Reception baseline proposal

BERA's analysis of the proposed baseline assessment for Reception children does not look favourably on the intended system. They say: "In the panel’s view the proposed baseline assessment will not lead to accurate comparisons being made between schools, as policymakers assume. Perhaps most importantly, they will not work in the best interests of children and their parents."

You can read the full report here: A baseline without basis. The validity and utility of the proposed Reception baseline assessment in England. You can discuss BERA's report on this thread.

EYFSP pilot material published

The materials to be used by the EYFSP pilot schools have been published following the announcement by Children and Families Minister Nadhim Zahawi on Friday. You can read the full announcement here. From September, 25 schools across the country are set to trial revised Early Learning Goals (ELGs). The changes are aimed at reducing teachers’ workload to free up more time to support children’s early skills and produce engaging lessons. The changes to the ELGs are being discussed on this thread.

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Jenny Barber wrote for us this half term 'Shake up! Refresh! How to reflect and move your setting on...'. Jenny's article encourages us to consider how we make changes to our provision that are necessary, understood and consistently implemented by… read on, or browse our newsletters.

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