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  1. GDPR resources

    Yes That works fine, thank-you xx
  2. Free online GDPR course

    It was advertised as free a month or so ago You did have to pay if you wanted a certificate though.
  3. GDPR resources

    I get that too.
  4. New ideas?

    We are expected to download and print to off ourselves- then to handout to all parents. Well that's not going to happen!
  5. New ideas?

    Trouble is once some is 'free' it has no value (including us!) Years ago I ran a rainbow group, we used to offer a free Panto trip at Christmas - it was hit or miss as to how many people turned up on day. We started charging 50p (probably £2 in todays value). EVERYBODY would turn up as they would have been out-of-pocket. Not sure why I shared that- but I always think about it with regards to our funding.
  6. Moving Premises

    Good luck with the move
  7. GDPR Email Encryption

    ......and I don't really understand dropbox either
  8. GDPR Email Encryption

    Wow, I didn't think one really existed I really do have no excuse now.
  9. GDPR Email Encryption

    Thank you Tim. Mousekeeper - where do I get a copy of Encryption for Dummies please? I'm with you about the sharing and if I'm honest I really haven't a clue what 'one drive' actually is
  10. GDPR Email Encryption

    Good point- and this happens all the time with us as we have no post box. Even the LA seem to forget this despite us forever reminding them.
  11. GDPR Email Encryption

    We use egress [LA account] for sensitive info - and to be fair we only really send sensitive info to and from LA anyway. We can send via Egress but only to the County/LA addresses free of charge. If a parent chooses to email us things, I think that is there responsibility, and I would just read/print then delete.
  12. My GDPR 'To Do' list

  13. GDPR- emergency contacts details?

    Well, I hope you'll charge at late fee whist waiting
  14. GDPR- emergency contacts details?

    I have just added that they [parent] sign to say they have advised and obtained permission from the emergency [or any other] pick-ups.
  15. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    You've done well