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  1. iwatches and fitbits etc.

    The answer will be 'what does your policy say'
  2. Data Protection

    Thanks Cait that's a really useful starting point. I've also been having a massive paperwork clear out, and have come across some old info from the ICO (we have always been registered, but I never dealt with the paperwork) having had a quick flick through and a lot of it seems to link with, and be relevant to what we need to do for the GDP compliance.
  3. OFSTED advice

    Don't you just love ofsted... We had to re-register.. the whole thing was a nightmare, end the end we phoned as it was taking so long. After a long conversation about them not being able to find our application the advisor then asked if I had ticked the 'hidden box' !!!!! For some reason I wasn't able to find the 'hidden box' so obviously I hadn't ticked it.
  4. Advice re Management please.

    Hmm interesting! EYFS clearly says (as you've quoted) level three. But maybe your LA would like higher? I had an ofsted re-regestraion visit a few weeks ago. One of the questions asked was about how I was self- reflect (SEF). I said I was planning to use our LAs 'audits' forms as I felt they covered most things etc. Surprisingly she told me she didn't think that was a good idea- as they have different expectations and cover their own agenda rather than the EYFS! Obviously this is true.
  5. Ofsted online SEF ends April 2018

    They will 'google' you! (and possibly your staff too) Just put everything on your website/facebook page if you have one- and keep it up to date. xx
  6. Gill Jones' advice about observing children

    Totally agree! What stresses me out is we only have a small amount of children on roll [26] and quite frankly I can see at a glance where everyone is on one A4 sheet of paper! - but I feel like I'm supposed to have lots of graphs and pie charts!!!!! (and now I'm annoying myself with my total overuse of '!!!!!!" )
  7. https://www.virtual-college.co.uk/resources/resource-packs/understanding-young-minds Whilst looking for something else, I came across this email link that I received last year (almost exactly a year ago so hoping the link still works ok.) It is a resource pack for self harm from the Virtual College. I know your little chap is very young, but I totally agree with Inge, and I do feel that the behaviour could be linked to early self-harming. xxxx
  8. Book keeping

    We are using Sage ? My daughter does it, we pay about £6/7 a month, and we just log in hours for the month. Sage seems to do the rest (I think). She uses it at her work (a small company) their accountant set it up for them when he retired. I'm seriously hoping we are doing it right.
  9. Ofsted online SEF ends April 2018

    I had a discussion about this with Ofsted last Monday , she asked what system I would use. She didn't seem to like me using our LA audits, as she said these can have their own agenda as what the LA wants to promote! I said we currently use ABC Does's Environmental Plan, which all staff add to throughout the term/year. We note how we've changed set up ....etc. She seemed to like this method - as long as we could add parent views too.
  10. Whistleblowing

    We have the poster up, we are in a shared usage hall (scouts) so have put them up in multiple places. I think that's what I thinking about when I posted earlier.
  11. Whistleblowing

  12. Whistleblowing

    Actually I think that's what a meant . LADO rather than NSPCC. (I am very tired this week- I think the Ofsted thing finished me off) I purchased the book in August, so used used all the newest updates. At work they were last updated 2016 so I thought I's check if they were different. The re-registering has been going on since August (that's an angry face I thing ) xx
  13. Whistleblowing

    I had a quick read last night, and I think the PSLA one sort of directs you to NSPCC ? We definitely had a separate one at one point though. I just bought the book for myself in the summer, and worked through it for our new registration. Still running under current registration at the moment and we used PSLA for that too, I did mean to look at them at work today and check- but forgot
  14. Whistleblowing

    Well strange you should say that. I/we had our ofsted re-registration visit on Monday (5.5 hours- but that's another thread!) Anyway she read our PSLA safeguarding policy and said - oh good I can see you have a whistle blowing policy - and went back to typing up her notes on the laptop......... I had a quick panic (to myself, whilst trying to remain calm in front on Mrs O) as I casually flicked through my policy folder trying to find it and couldn't find it!! She didn't mention it again, and neither did I You've reminded me I really should check. I'm pretty sure we used to have a separate one?
  15. We have a tick-box on our medication forms about whether specific training is needed or not. So.... for example Epi-pen yes... Antibiotics -no Parents sign to say how/when it will be given (full written instructions)