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  1. Glitter Ban

    Will get on to it - I'm having tea loaf!
  2. Glitter Ban

    Of course!! Any special requests?
  3. Glitter Ban

    Maybe it should be a naughty picnic bench then we could have a snack too - I’v A feeling some of us will be there a while!
  4. Glitter Ban

    Rebecca would it help if we sent some cotton wool so you couldn’t hear her exploding and tipped so you could edit any offending words from her screen?
  5. Glitter Ban

    You did it first and you did it three times!!! Plus I'm only "Young Froglet" others need to set me a good example!
  6. Glitter Ban

    CHRISTMAS!!! I did it louder than you did!
  7. Glitter Ban

    Can we schedule in a very loud shout of the C word on 12th night itself before we are banned again for the year?
  8. Keeping up to date with FSF

    Thank you Rebecca; I'm always amazed by how much you all do. I too was thinking today that I needed to get up to date on the GDPR stuff - with my governor hat on more than anything. There was a piece on it on the radio at lunch time today.
  9. Could you all snip white feather shaped pieces of paper to be dove’s feathers?
  10. Manage the content that you see

    Rebecca, is it possible to edit an existing custom stream? I’d set one up but now I know it’s possible would like to remove the Tapestry stuff from it but I can’t work out how!
  11. New update ... here to help!

    You're very welcome!
  12. New update ... here to help!

    Also on the list of unread posts there is a dark blue circle (or star if you already posted in that thread) to the left of the title. If you click on this rather the title it will take you to the first unread post in the thread.
  13. Forum Update

    Just wanted to say I think it's lovely. A little unfamiliar but very shiny and clean looking. I like it! Thank you to everyone for all the 'behind the screens' work and for keeping this lovely place going.
  14. New update ... here to help!

    I've just discovered how to create a 'Custom activity stream' which was very easy and really helpful to see what I want to see!
  15. Outdoor equipment

    I dare you to say it for her...