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  1. flexible working request

    Seriously that sounds fair enough to me
  2. flexible working request

    Oh fm I'm sorry I have no words of wisdom, just sending you good wishes Surely the 'head of trustees' will work in your best interest?
  3. Putting a Tender together

    Oh no Narnia, I am so, so sorry to read this, I am sending the kindest thoughts to you and your husband
  4. Putting a Tender together

    Oh Narnia I am so sorry to read that your LA are being so unhelpful, wish I had some words of wisdom but I really don't
  5. Staff suitability declaration

    Hi p1 - I do this annually and further to that I ask at every supervision "any changes to declaration"
  6. Dens!

    Have you got any form of 'pop up' - if so just put your head in and breathe deeply
  7. Dens!

    Have experienced similar! Would gently suggest that this might not be the right time of year for 'den building' (end of school year and all that)
  8. Putting a Tender together

    Oh blimey - I am so sorry to be reading this.....
  9. Putting a Tender together

    Oh no Narnia
  10. Sorry no template to offer - just wanted to say that I love this idea!
  11. Outings (again)

    That sounds like a sound plan to me - good luck
  12. Moving to school site

    Wow starsdance those numbers are incredible - I am seriously surprised that they haven't closed - that would be the case in my area - close and merge with next nearest primary If you gave up your village hall and the above happened next year or sometime in the near future would you be able to return to your hall? Sorry not much help really......
  13. Keep Early Years Unique

    Hi Smiley - have signed
  14. Signing in....?

    Hi Upsy - it's a safeguarding issue - erm - I would have to read through EYFS to see if/where it is mentioned
  15. Transporting

    Do you have any big blocks? Perhaps you could get him moving those from one place to another, perhaps delivering to other children who are building...…..could get some good counting opportunities here