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  1. SEND question

    Yes I know, wasn't a 'real' question, just so frustrated with the situation here
  2. SEND question

    Oh how can it be 16 weeks in your corner of Kent and 12 months in mine
  3. SEND question

    Dear Rafa - 10 weeks - wow that would be heavenly - currently 12 months here
  4. SEND question

    Hi fm - I will pm you
  5. Staff

    Oh Emma that's sad for you.....as per Helen's question did SENCO give you any pointers? This might be the 'kick up the backside' that your team need - have you had time to discuss with them?
  6. Oh no - I don't want to lose any staff members - I'm really worried as the data my staff carry about is terribly attractive and valuable to any would be thieves......not
  7. Have to admit that was my first thought too
  8. Retention of records/archiving

    Dear Mousie - I am following my 'record retention' guidance with a little bit from my LA so seven years for most things, up until next inspection for things like transition records, accident forms 21 yrs........
  9. GDPR resources

    Ouch - poor you - hope it soon feels better - i prescribe rest and gin! We have had an unexpected visit to a certain London Hospital today - all good - will update on the 'Friday thread' tomorrow - so no GDPR shenanigans for me today!
  10. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Great news louby! Nope, can't help with your insurance question, sorry........
  11. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Oh no! I followed zigzags instructions/directions upthread If all else fails give them a ring, i have always found them to be really helpful
  12. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Oh my goodness have just downloaded all that have a new date - there are 'loads' - guess what I am doing today then
  13. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Oh nooooooo
  14. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Thanks for that zigzag - I always have trouble with their site Will have a look at that later........or tomorrow........or the next day........
  15. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Can I second that - many, many thanks playgroup1