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  2. Hi, I recently just upgraded my Tapestry from a trial account to a full account. As a school we already have an electronic assessment programme that currently requires an age band and stage each term and allows us to highlight DM statements that have been completed. We completed this information for all children at Easter. Now we are starting to convert over to Tapestry I want to add in the Easter assessment information for each child so that when it comes to July I can update it with the Summer term assessment. Basically which is the best way to add in this data? Do I add it as a baseline assessment (as we just started using Tapestry) or do I add it as a summative assessment for spring 2 (if I can). Any suggestions greatly received as I don't want to do it wrong and then have to change it all. (and I'm trying to convince SLT to move from our current programme to Tapestry so that we don't have to complete two electronic assessments). Many thanks for your help Charlotte
  3. Splitting obs

    Hi, I have been using the app rather than the desktop version but cant find a split observation button on the app, does it have to be done on a desktop? Many thanks Charlotte
  4. Yesterday
  5. Snacktime

    It is a very offensive word. I double checked with my TA that she did actually say that. She acts very differently towards my TAs than she does to anyone else - they are the only 2 members of staff who are younger then her!
  6. Zero Rated tax relief

    We bought a modular nursery in 2014. We put forward a case and got the exemption certificate. We had professional advice and from what I remember they quoted the cases of the nurseries that had previously won cases.
  7. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    The encryption bit still scares me 😱 really have to try and get to grips with that.
  8. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    I work at home and my laptop is encrypted and password protected. One drive is also secure if everyone has the same levels of protection on their laptops and PCs.
  9. Tapestry in the garden

    We use a Mifi and it can now reach outside if the doors are open- we have two sets of doors to go through to reach outside one of which very heavy fire doors . It is this set in particular that if pulled right to the signal seems to have a problem reaching. However if you are using an ipad then write your obs in Notes- transfer later. That's what I've done
  10. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Hi Lynned I use onedrive so like you I can pick up and work at home, I use a password protected laptop at home and onedrive is password protected, I could also delete names from registers, session lists, key groups etc once printed but I’m not going to as that would mean adding them all again for the following term rather than just adding new chn or increased sessions. Our ‘Impact assessment’ flagged that other staff working on paperwork at home that they say (I don’t agree) they don’t have time for at work, this could be shared info sheets, transition forms etc needs tightening up, I’m wondering if it might be better to have a onedrive account for those types of forms, each staff and myself could have the log in, nothing would be stored on own devices just all in this cloud type thingy, just an initial could be added by staff and I’d add the name/DOB before printing then delete ...would that make any sense? I was hoping the funding forms would go back to annual this time with the need to limit the data we store but they aren’t :-(
  11. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    So I am (very, very) slowly getting there. I have rejigged the PSLA privacy notice for us. But am a little stuck on the storage bit. I use Dropbox to store all our digital stuff- That way I work on it at home and at work. No one else can access the dropbox account from different locations. (unless they have our password) But obviously if you accessed either laptop which are both password protected then you could. Is it enough for me to say that digital data is stored on a secure dropbox account accessed via preschool laptops only - that are password protected.????? if not then I'm stumped- I need to be able to work on stuff at home but have previously gone down the usb route and that didnt work as I kept forgetting to take it to work or bring it home- even tried a keyring one that fell off the keyring- so Im not going down that route again! After doing the lovely Rebecca's audit it has thrown up that we dont actually keep much 'personal' data in digital format. Funding forms were sent through this term from our LA via email (cos the secure email system they have set up, due to GDPR wouldn't allow us to open them securely!) But again could delete once printed, Registers are compiled on there, with names & DoB but I could delete these once I've printed them off- dont mark them in electronically- we mark them in by hand. Offer letters are done but only have a childs christian name on- no other identifying. Probably have some other bits for staff (havent got around to staff yet) So what do you think- anyone else do the same as me with onedrive or google drive? Does any one else feel like they are going around in circles and not getting very far
  12. Zero Rated tax relief

    Thank you, that makes me feel more positive that we are eligible. I had read the contested cases of two other nurseries that won their judgement and felt we was inline with them.
  13. Retention of records/archiving

    Like Mousie has asked in a committee based setting who would be responsible for storing these records and paying the fee? Its a ridiculous situation- we have stuff coming out of our ears as it is- I can only assume it would be the last named committee? On our retention of records sheet (which is a psla one from 2011) it states that it is a REQUIREMENT to keep childrens records (including medication, accident, registers ) for a reasonable amount of time e.g 3 years and that it is only a RECOMMENDATION to keep for 21 years (or 24 in case of CP) So it is all very confusing. Our LA ask for registers to be kept for 7 years for auditing purposes - so thats clear cut but I've never been sure about the CP stuff or accident forms. I'm hoping that they will issue clearer guidelines now. AS I read it a requirement is a MUST and recommendation a SHOULD? The best of luck to someone trying to find stuff in our shed pertaining to 10 years older or more!! I'm now at the point where I'm shoving it in any spare space in there.
  14. Snacktime

    Disgusting is such a strong word isn't it? sounds like she's trying to stir things up!
  15. Snacktime

    Thanks Finleysmaid, I think the way she's said it has upset me more than what she actually said. She had a go at both the TA and an SSA for not being the snack supervisor. What has annoyed me more is that she's apparently so concerned and disgusted yet doesn't stay near the snack area. In fact when I went back in she was outside having a gossip. Green Hippo x
  16. Snacktime

    feel like i may have posted many times about this before. We operate in a similar way to you and have done for many years. The first thing to say is that when we had our inspection Ofsted were incredibly impressed by the levels of independence our children showed. They were not at all concerned about us not having staff there (we are in the same room) and it would be clear if a child was in distress. I think your issue here is not the operation of rolling snacks but the person who covers. Can you 'sell' her the learning that the children are getting or is she just a jobs worth. I think i'd speak to her direct and tell her that's the way you want it done and next time she has a problem with your practise perhaps she would like to speak to you direct rather than your TA!
  17. Last week
  18. Snacktime

    Hi! I need some advice please! I have been told today by one of my TAs that the lady who covers my PPA time has a massive problem with rolling snack. She called it 'disgusting' and a 'free for all.' Asking my TA how she would feel if a child choked. We've done rolling snack in Nursery for 7 + years now and never had a problem. The children put their name card on the back of a chair, wash hands, choose snack, when finished they tidy up and put their name in the box. The children are 'trained' when they first come into Nursery and follow the routine well. There is not a staff member assigned to this area but we are never more than a few metres away in case if choking. Now I'm wondering if we are operating safely? What do others do? Don't like stopping for snacktime and no where great to do it anyway as we are not allowed to eat or drink on the carpet. Thanks Green Hippo x
  19. SEND question

    Yes apparently we are very lucky in our county! Well I say 10 weeks that was last year when I had referrals, since then I know that they have lost lots of therapists and most are only part time, so now who knows! However, it is quite a drawn out process over all and therefore frustrating. for instance:. Generally when a need is identified we are advised to do 'Watchful Waiting' let's say on average a term but depends on how often we see them! Some only attend 6 hours pw. During this period we are advised to have in place strategies to support - Assess, Plan Do, Review - another term gone by. We have to show that we have DONE EVERYTHING WE CAN!!! then........ complete referral for outside agencies ( compiling all the evidence, photocopied , parents permission etc.) once it's gone to Panel they decide which Outside agency best fits the need eg Ed Psych, Salt, Paed etc. Generally I find it takes a school year to get any help and support from anyone other than us! I am that unqualified Ed Psych/Speech and Language/Behaviour Management Therapist!! 😏 Ta Dah! I have a two year old Eal with (to me) very obvious autistic traits. GP says No, Mum concerned and am now on the start of the cycle to get help!! 😩 Quite frankly dreading it. .
  20. How to set up and use the SEND framework - 27th June 2018

    Please can I be added to this webinar thank you R
  21. can I sign up for this webinar please Thank you R
  22. Please could be included in this. thank you R
  23. Hi again Kathryn!! I have added you to the list for this webinar as well
  24. Hi Kathryn and Sarah! We have now added you both to the attendee list as well We will be in touch with you closer to the date to let you know what you'd need and how to access the webinar.
  25. Group Observations

    If you want to direct the parents of several children to a particular Easy Peasy video, rather than adding an observation for each individual child, you could make a group observation. That will then be visible to all the relatives! To do that you need to, first of all, click on the 'add observation' button. You can also do this through the app by clicking on the + button. Next, click on the 'Select Children'' button. You can select children from the list of children, according to their group(s) or according to their cohort. If you've set up a group for your Easy Peasy children (as shown in this tutorial), you can select all of them at once by choosing that group and clicking on the 'select all'. You can then untick any the children in the group who the observation you're making isn't suitable for if you like. As you add children, you'll see that their names appear above the 'select children' button and that they'll have little 'x's next to them: If you incorrectly add a child you can easily remove them from this list of children by clicking that 'x'. You can then finish the rest of the observation in the normal way and when you've saved it, you will see the observation appear only once in your overview/home screen: The group of children will be listed but if the list is longer than three you will see a button showing how many more have been earmarked as belonging to that observation. If you click on this button you'll find a popup listing all of the added children: Although you can see all of the children's names as a staff member, the parents will only see their child. If a parent comments however, everyone will see it, so if you're going to do this it's important that you think about whether you want to allow them to do that. Doing so might mean they build a rapport with each other and help each other out, but equally, they might not be comfortable sharing some feedback if they know that other relatives will see their comments. Take a look at our user permissions tutorial if you're not sure how to change that. Any changes you make to that observation will affect all the children, so if you want to add something individual for each one, you might want to split this observation. To do that click the cog to the right of the multiple observation you want to split, and choose 'Split Group Observation' from the drop down list as shown below: Click this button and you'll see a popup box that lists all children who are part of this group observation. To the right of the names of these children is a check box: You can choose which children you want to split away from the group observation by putting ticks in the boxes next to their names and then press the 'split observation' button. Once you've done that, you'll find that the home page now lists observations for those children you have split away separately from the main group observation. That means you can edit the text and the assessments of the observation as though they are a normal individual observations and what you do to one won't affect another.
  26. Once you have added a relative/relatives to Tapestry you will want to take a look at what they can do there! Whilst most of the permissions won't affect what you're adding to Tapestry in terms of Easy Peasy, it is still good to make sure relatives aren't able to see anything in Tapestry that you don't want them to! So, to do that, just make sure you're logged in as a manager, and then go to the Control Panel by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and selecting ‘Control Panel’ from the drop-down menu. You’ll then need to select ‘User Permissions’ from the left-hand side menu. Click on the ‘Relatives’ tab at the top of the page. To change a permission you will need to click on the ‘Edit’ button at the end of the row. Once you have clicked on the edit button you will get a pop-up box from which you can choose the default option, permitted or not permitted (1). Then if you want to allow some users different permissions you just need to tick the 'set different permissions for some users' box (2). You will then see a list of all the relatives and will be able to set a different preference for each of them (3). Assessment settings This isn't really relevant to Easy Peasy posts, but you can also change whether or not relatives are able to view any assessments related to their child's observations by doing the following; 1. Accessing your Control panel 2. Click on the 'Settings' tab 3. Click on the 'Assessments' tab 4. On this page you see all your enabled Assessment frameworks and you can allow relatives to see the assessments on their children's observations by ticking the box next to 'Display to relatives' for each assessment framework. Please ensure you save any changes you make.
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