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Maths consultant Sharon Day begins a three part series on Maths in the early years.
In part two of Sharon Day's maths series, we look at maths for 2 to 4 years olds, and the concepts of subitising and conserving. 

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For over ten years the FSF has been a platform for a passionate and vibrant community of EYFS professionals, including nursery practitioners, childminders, reception teachers, advisers and consultants, and educators and writers.
We're proud of the quality of our conversation and support here, and our ethos (exemplified by the Lessons from Geese video) of courtesy and mutual respect, even while arguing from very different points of view.

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‘A revolution in childcare’?

The government’s own news item on the recent Spring Budget opened with the words ‘A revolution in childcare’. Here we take the Chancellor’s announcements and suggest 5 revolutionary ideas.

1.       Putting children at the centre


We are excited to introduce our newest initiative: Tapestry CPD. Anyone can preview the content of some of our courses, and they are available to all staff on a Tapestry account. Tapestry CPD brings you courses to support your professional learning, as well as training to help you with using Tapestry in your setting. Tapestry’s experienced education and support teams are creating engaging and interactive content that your team can access at a time that works for them. We would love to hear what you think of it. Find out more on the Tapestry website.
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  FSF articles and podcasts We have a couple of new articles on the FSF this month. Early Years Technology specialist Richard Waite shares his passion for helping us all to understand the importance of teaching and learning about techno… read on, or browse our newsletters.
In this week's podcast: Ben and Jules chat with Maths and Robotics tutor Zan Nadeem about the importance of strong mathematical foundations in the early years and how they link to children’s learning and confidence in maths as they move through primary and secondary school.

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