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  1. Retention of records/archiving

    i was going to gear up for storage devises (memory sticks etc) in order to limit the space needed for storage. These would not be kept on the computer ...so would they count in the ico registration???
  2. Hi guys i wonder if you might be able to tell me what the system is in your borough for identifying and assisting children with SEND needs like ADHD. So if you feel a child has an additional need that has not been identified how do you go about getting help for them? How quickly do you expect a response and how would the support be delivered to your setting? .....this is purely for my benefit ! i would just like to know what support (if any) settings are receiving. Thanks
  3. Zero Rated tax relief

    Have you spoken to your builder about this? seem to remember they sorted it our for us ...but it was 8 years ago and lets face it i can't remember what happened an hour ago!

    oh and make your own sandwich day!

    our childrens favourite is garlic bread..not wholly unhealthy ! just watch the fat content over the day! cheese and other dairy products ? pitta and houmous...also very popular and my lot could eat a barrow full of cucumbers!! lots of stuff on pinterest
  6. Is it going to be illegal to access tapesty at home?

    if you have the right permissions and security set up! and the parents know that's what you do
  7. Retention of records/archiving

    well i don't have transition records so don't need to keep those for us !!
  8. Retention of records/archiving

    i would have said insurance would only be claims...there are other ways of checking that you had it...unless you change companies all the time i guess......i've just burnt most of that!
  9. i do think you will need to get parents permission (consent) and if they refuse you will need to make alternative arrangements for those children. I would try to keep most things in the setting and try to adjust working practice to fit. Yes you need to get all staff to sign if they are taking paperwork home and ensuring they are keeping them safe and secure and probably in a locked place! (don't know that your front door would satisfy !! The ICO will be looking to ensure you are keeping data safe to minimise the risk of data loses ...but removal of paperwork must be a trackable pathway i guess. Social services and early help carry info around all the time but they have rules about where they keep it (i know for instance ours are not allowed to keep it in the car!) ...this is tricky for me because i am one of those people who put stuff down all the time and can't remember where i've put it!
  10. The academy will have their own rules as to how to do testing. As to the salt issue i suspect a few things...they may have included EAL and those children who do not meet the 40-60 month criteria for reading and writing/phonics etc
  11. Relatives Leaver Letter

    well Mr Zuckerberg might need to watch out before they start having a go at tiny pre-schools i think!
  12. GDPR resources

    hope all goes well xxx
  13. Relatives Leaver Letter

    the info from childcare .co.uk states it is not retrospective ie it suggests that historic info is not included...if it is still being' used' after the may deadline then that would be current. Apparently this info came from the ICO I think it would be impossible (and expensive!) to trace all your previous clients and to correct their data
  14. Relatives Leaver Letter

    GDPR is not retrospective so in theory as long it is before the May deadline this one shouldn't be an issue (although getting permissions is good practice)
  15. GDPR resources

    my administrator would normally give me a hand (!!!!!!) but her kitchen ceiling is currently resting on the floor! and her 96 year old mum not very well!!!