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  1. Art project

    To give it a more cohesive theme how about sticking to a colour palette ...so you could do just black and white prints. very good if you have very little ones. Or maybe stick to a theme so vegetable prints perhaps...)one with broccoli one with carrots etc etc or hand prints in yellow/red blue green ,one colour for each canvas??
  2. Humm not many headteachers have signed....does this mean they are not aware of this report...or that they agree with it's ideas?
  3. Indoor Shoes

    we all have wellies for outside which are used all the year round....really helps to keep the sand and mud in the garden and a large coir mat by the front door to wipe feet We have a wooden floor so need to help protect it but children slip if only in socks.
  4. basic online safeguarding course??

    Blimey it's windy out there...nearly got blown away!!
  5. basic online safeguarding course??

    AHA forgot all about these...we had such trouble with their training when it started we haven't used it...will go and have a look will look later....Thanks
  6. basic online safeguarding course??

    please read the response as a CHEERS chuck!!! ...must go i'm on outside duty and the staff are now staring at me to get a move on and get out in the freezing cold
  7. basic online safeguarding course??

    Yes ...no such bloomin luck i'm afraid! unfortunately my administrator has a very poorly mum at the moment and really can't go on courses (works most of the time from home) so just trying to find an alternative source.
  8. basic online safeguarding course??

    Thanks Panders ..are these course open to all as you have to register with Kent for them??
  9. Anyone know of an online course my administrator could do (she very knowledgeable just need a quick renew!) ...so just basic refresh. Any courses out there??
  10. Boat dwellers and schools

    Believe me neither the dad or i could quite work that out but apparently it means that they come under the travellers 'rules' and are therefore entitled to it. Not going to say no to an extra bit of money but i might struggle to find what to buy ...perhaps a load of narrow boat toys???!!! anyone know a supplier!
  11. Boat dwellers and schools

    Thanks both! This has been sorted!!! paperwork seemed to be the issue as they don't pay council tax we have had to be 'creative' about the evidence they require ....bonus is that they have also said because this is their 'lifestyle' choice that they should be entitled to EYPP and potentially the younger sibling may be entitled to a funded 2 space! astonishing really as they definitely earn more than the EYPP 'amount' (Dad runs the boat yard!! and is the chief engineer!) Dad very happy with our help...so much so that he has offered to 'sail' the boat round to the river near us in the summer and we can have a picnic! RESULT!
  12. Boat dwellers and schools

    Ok bit of an interesting one...hope someone might know the answer I have a family who live on a boat .The boat is currently in dry dock and they have moved in to a flat on a temporary basis. The council have written to them and said they won't currently process their application for a school place because they do not pay council tax. I am assuming this is the same for travelling families....does anyone know how this is dealt with in their authority?
  13. s a t p i n

    unlike me!
  14. s a t p i n

    Really Catma ! you big spoilsport we know...but if you look at the first post that wasn't quite the question! (perhaps I've been watching too much taskmaster!)
  15. s a t p i n

    satin pain sit tip (x2!) plurals (pins tins pats ) stain to name a few!