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  1. flexible working request

    well having spoken to my HR informed husband I am a bit stuck now. I had plans to offer these solutions but he is saying that they may not be possible because what would happen if the staff without children asked for this too! argghh hadn't even thought of that anyway party tomorrow ...she'll have to wait
  2. flexible working request

    it really is a bad show that she decided to do this NOW. I have come up with 3 plans she needs to choose one or the request will be denied outright!
  3. flexible working request

    Ok having a nightmare! have refuse a member of staff a flexible working request due to the fact it does not meet the needs of the business. She has gone to appeal on it (from the head of trustees not external) anyone any advice ..seems to be becoming a big problem in a short time frame!
  4. advice for a new teacher

    DO you know I hadn't even thought about the FSF!!!!! She's had a really tricky year (very SEN heavy) and I think the lack of 'structure' or indeed the creating of that structure seems to be her issue at the moment. But I really appreciate the offer and i'll get back to you about that!! We are NOT sending her an easy group but she does have a very experienced TA who will be with her permanently who's keen to take on a bit more responsibility
  5. No I haven't gone over to the dark side This info is not for me! So what advice would you give a teacher who is new to foundation stage? (she's taught in the same school and has previously taught year 1/5 and 6) but has never been in reception and is feeling somewhat anxious !
  6. I would love to come and have been trying to get out of the setting but I'm a member of staff down (viral gastroenteritis !!!!!_ Our MP is a bit useless to be honest. Doesn't live in the area and rarely appears to my mind! Good luck with getting him to tow anything but the party line! BUT I WOULD LIKE TO ADD A RALLYING "GO GET 'EM!!!!
  7. sorry this is really NOT helping your original post! ….we set up a group text and bcc it therefore other peoples emails can't be seen.
  8. Staff suitability declaration

    there have been some changes to the guidance...I am trying to find the right bit that relates...back soon
  9. perhaps it's this time of year. I have several parents having a moan about communications (unfortunately they chose to do so whilst having a coffee at a transition meeting) we have a website....notices.....group text message (set up on phone) …..tapestry …..facebook….and word of mouth and STILL they are having a moan. Shame it doesn't work both ways!
  10. Holiday Lunches

    local restaurant/university/summer school /café needing extra business??? or a local cook who has passed their eho inspection could provide you with two dishes per day for a reasonable price. DO you have freezer space? 20 portions of 2 dishes should be about right. Better delivered frozen and cooked but EHO can advise. In a day I would say one hot meal and one sandwich style
  11. Ratio help please 😳😶

    in a rush but you can only have 4 children per member of staff if ANY of them are under 3!
  12. Discussion books for 4 year olds

    That's ok! I often find with this sort of moral book that they're a bit goody goody but this series seems to have got it about right ...would be a really good purchase with EYPP money if any around!
  13. Discussion books for 4 year olds

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Monkey-Needs-Listen-attention-Behaviour/dp/1445147173/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1530953974&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=monkey+didnt+listen Try this series ….I am not one for expecting children to get concepts from books but this series has proves an good basis for discussion about behavioural expectations......which seems to have been rather an issue this year!!
  14. interesting to note that the proposal suggests that the coel's will not be compulsory.
  15. Putting a Tender together

    im horrified by all this...so sorry for you and your team. One of my colleagues in this area closes at the end of term a really good setting been going for some time. We've just done our sufficiency survey for the borough. I will be interested to see how many gaps we have. Lease issues are a massive problem (we only have 15 years and have done 7already!) I suspect even with all the funding issues that the lack of property is the biggest issue all preschool provision faces.