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  1. I think it's very easy to become paranoid. Is there any reason why you need this additional data in the visitors book? I think there could be a rethink here about why this data is there. The visitors book should perhaps just contain the person's name and who they came to see, just for recording and fire evacuation necessity. Any additional information you get from them at that point could be confined to a paper form which is then locked in a filing cabinet under 'waiting list' or 'expression of interest' and then shredded at a later date.
  2. We won't be making any changes to the visitors book in church. The church is open all the time and the book is just left out. Some people put their name with the comments, and some don't. I think with a preschool book, if they were concerned about their name being in it, I think I'd be concerned about their legitimate reason for visiting. If they are from an organisation they could put the name of that and initial it perhaps? Do you get many visitors? Is the book kept locked away in between time?
  3. Ooh, many moons ago, Cumbria Sure Start had this initiative and visited all settings in the areas they covered. It was quite interesting, and sparked a huge revamp in what was considered a healthy lunchbox and snacks. I can remember being a bit sceptical that they were promoting raisins as a good snacking staple, in an area well known for poor dental health. But it did have lots of very good aspects, and we wrote a healthy eating policy on the back of it. We also began doing regular yoga with the children, which was generally very popular. Tatty Bumpkin it was called, and as far as I know, it still exists. Sorry, brief trip down memory lane and not really very helpful to the question in hand! 😁
  4. Reuseable wet wipes

    Well I guess us 'oldies' will remember that we managed with soap and water before wet wipes came into being. I don't know how environmentally friendly cotton wool is though. Back in the day we didn't even use rubber gloves to do nappy changes, although I shudder to think of that now. All those rubber gloves sitting in landfil as well has to be considered. Hmm. It's quite a minefield.
  5. Personally I wouldn't recommend lactulose or movicol, as once they are on it, they have to stay on it for quite a while, and over my years of preschool managing I had to deal with several distressed parents whose children were now stuck with the medication, of they became constipated easily and problems really started. Go the natural way with increasing fibre and roughage, cutting down the sugar rather than increasing it as lactulose does. I definitely agree with making sure children poo in the right room. Do it in your pants if you want, but sit on the loo to do it. Then of course, after a few weeks of this, you can cut a slit in knickers and it goes in the loo anyway.
  6. admissions question! HELP!

    Well done. Hopefully you don't get any 'fallout' at all and he will accept your decision!
  7. I quite liked the old grading 'very good'. It seemed more achievable than 'outstanding'!
  8. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    I have also read recently that controllers don't need to register with ICO. I hope someone clarifies this soon.
  9. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    All staff who have access to data will need some training - in my opinion. Would they be able to get the enrolment forms themselves or are they secure data that's locked away?
  10. GDPR resources

    Yes, Mum has a similar - but much wordier one, from Santander and it caused her a lot of worry. I wonder how many other elderly folk are going to be frightened about it, bearing in mind the 'data scandals' in the news. Plus, she thought she must have applied for something that she didn't remember applying for!
  11. GDPR resources

    Thank you for all the work you are putting into this, ladies.
  12. This looks excellent, thank you for your hard work. The only thing I'd change is 'different to' to 'different from' just because I'm pedantic! 😂😂 Someone raised the point that each permission may have to be signed, but I think simple yes/no and signature at the bottom like you have should be perfectly sufficient. It would be easy enough to amend if you felt you needed to do that.
  13. Another really good piece. These are wonderfully clear! I've been asked to give a presentation at the church PCC about GDPR and I'm getting some very useful pointers from here! Thank you. I've enrolled in the Futurelearn course as well!
  14. An average sort of day

    Of course we don't just stick to Fridays to do that, Sunnyday 😂😂
  15. Updating policies

    A short section in the newsletter, informing parents of a change and providing a link to the website where they can read it in full.