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    I have written a couple of children's books, and I enjoy reading. Now I'm retired I have plenty of time to experiment with gluten free recipes, as my husband and I are both coeliac. I spend a lot of time in the garden and also volunteer for 'Mind' in one of their charity shops.

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  1. Data Protection

    Great stuff!
  2. OFSTED advice

    Is it worth ringing Ofsted for some clarification?
  3. Data Protection

    A quick google brings up this ..... http://www.st-benedicts.cumbria.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/DATA-PROTECTION-POLICY-2017-19.pdf any use?
  4. Book keeping

    I used Moneysoft, I think it was called Payroll Manager. That did all the wages HMRC etc and helped working out things like SSP SMP etc. They have a Facebook presence and really good phone helpline that I found really useful.
  5. Ofsted online SEF ends April 2018

    Plus I often found it quoted in the inspection report!
  6. Oh hear hear! Some fabulous common sense!!! Thank you!
  7. You're going to be deluged now! I'd really like one, but as a retired person, sensibly there's no real reason why I should own one! 😂😂
  8. Ratios

    Thanks FM. Not had sight of a SF for a year or two so didn't want to say that. I see they've not altered that bit, thanks.
  9. Ratios

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first post. For safety reasons I wouldn't want to leave only one qualified member of staff in the setting. What happens if there's suddenly an accident or an issue that she's dealing with. If she's suddenly taken out of ratio having to deal with an incident, and / or parents, that only leaves unqualified adults with the children.
  10. Tapestry Assessments

    For your last point, I'd simply do a mock obs with a picture of the child's Key Person, and a little bit about her. You could go this as a group lbs and then simply split it so that you're not repeating yourself. I agree, it's important that parents know who their first - and second port of call is.
  11. Historically, we all worked together as a class, and it seemed to work very well.
  12. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    Great news.
  13. We always had slippers, gentler on the fingers if you get stood on, quieter and much cleaner too! Also helps children earn valuable dressing and self-help skills.
  14. SENDcO

    It's been SENDCo for quite a long time, pre-my retirement in 2015 certainly, I was hearing it back then.
  15. Register

    I don't see why not. I would probably do it that way if I was doing it now. It must theoretically be possible for children to drag a picture of themselves across a screen to self-register too, although personally, I do think they need to physically have time away from screens and self- register manually some other way. It would certainly be possible to make a note of everyone who was in preschool on a tablet, and then use this as an emergency evacuation facility. You would still need to keep a proper register too, for a complete overview of the term, for financial recording purposes. I've no doubt that software exists that would perform both functions, but as I'm a bit of a cheapskate who likes a challenge, I'd rather make up my own system that I understand, and improve on as needed, rather than spend money on buying a system that I had to spend hours understanding and then find out that it didn't do all the functions I wanted anyway.