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  1. Glitter Ban

    Well, that's it. Twelfth Night and all the decs are down and everywhere looks a bit bare. Maybe we need to make some Valentine or Easter decs early to fill the spaces. Tesco are advertising their Easter things already. Is there a ban on the E word as well? If so, I shall just plead ignorance ??
  2. Sharing your premises

    Yes, this would be an essential thing, I'd have thought. How often would you then check the inventory?
  3. Minimum Wage Increase

    Yes. I did this regularly, and it's not too onerous! The simplest way is to look at how much the actual increase is per day, then look at how many days there are until the end of the school year, plus holiday entitlement. This will give you a round figure to divide by the number of remaining months and add on to what their current salary is now. Does that make sense?
  4. scarlett fever

    I'd be tempted to inform them of anything like that, just to cover myself, and make a note in the log book of the name of the person you spoke to, and what they said.
  5. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    I'd have assumed the same as you; that she would need further training to be classed for early years ratio. (Having said that, some of the teenagers I've worked with have acted like 3 year olds, so perhaps it's not that much different! )
  6. Where is the chat room now? Has someone lowered the blinds and locked the door?
  7. OFSTED complaint

    So frustrating, waiting to find out!
  8. OFSTED complaint

    Not a lot else I can add really. But don't let any anxiety show, be enthusiastic and positive and be yourselves! Make sure all those lovely parents who say nice things are around and available for O to meet. Let us know how you get on Fingers and everything crossed for you
  9. DBS

    Are they not on the update service?
  10. PLA constitution

    As suggested in the other thread. Make sure you're on the 2011, and then agree it at the AGM and minute it formally.
  11. snack time

    Almost always at the table, but if we had snack outdoors, then it was sitting on carpet samples in a circle on the grass.
  12. Pre school constitution

    If you contact the PSLA they will tell you which one they have you registered as using. I was surprised when they didn't have my last Preschool down as using the most recent one, when it had been agreed at each AGM and notified on the Charity Commission Annual Return that they were using the most recent one. Well worth checking.
  13. Hi all

    Big welcome to you. You'll soon be hooked! Looking forward to reading all your future posts. You'll find us a friendly lot on here!
  14. Ooh, sounds intriguing! I'll have a look at that later! Thank you
  15. Fabulous. Thank you for pointing us to that