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  1. Do I still need to get staff to complete a Suitability declaration where they disclose convictions about people they live with?
  2. Appraisal for playgroup leader

    I am the leader and owner of the setting - nobody above me! I want to give something to my deputy to complete, possibly with all the other staff but don't really know what it should contain.
  3. It's the time of year for appraisals! But who does your appraisal if you are the leader and there is no committee? Does anybody have a format or can share any ideas?
  4. Early Years teachers

    Does anyone in a small PVI setting employ an Early Years Teacher? What is their pay rate and what is their job description? I'm asking because I have a member of staff about to complete her EYT and is who starting to ask what I see her role as and what will I pay her. She wanted to do this qualification but I'm not sure I can afford her or in fact need an EYT. I do all the planning, assessment and tracking myself, mostly because I enjoy it but also because I do it at home, out of hours - not something I think she would be prepared to do.
  5. We were graded as Outstanding in all areas this past week and were very pleased to get it, especially as we were only aiming to maintain the Good from the last inspection, under the previous inspection framework. I still think inspections are very subjective and down to how well everything goes on the day. Although I will say that all our paperwork was up to date (advantage of being inspected straight after Easter holidays spent on getting everything in order). So I don't mind a grading that says you are meeting statutory requirements. It might alleviate some of the pressure of Ofsted. My daughters both teach in high schools and the pressure of Ofsted from their Senior leaders is immense. Mocksteds, marking scrutinies, meeting targets all the time.
  6. Our children this year seem to be all on a mission to empty every box and tray and transport anything and everything as far away from its proper place as possible! This can happen in the blink of an eye! We do try and keep a lid on it by tidying up as we go along but some days....!

    Just want to put this out there..... Do we go overboard with providing snack, in light of childhood obesity? Do all children need such a big snack in the morning, only an hour or so before lunch, and then something again in the afternoon, only an hour or so after lunch? We have done away with afternoon snack and children don't seem to miss it. Parents were turning up at 3.00 home time with yet more food for them to eat, having filled their lunchboxes with enough to feed a navvy. The cost is also an issue when budgets are so tight. Quite happy to listen to others' opinions.....
  8. Retention of records/archiving

    The LA didn't sound like they had a clue when I spoke to them. Said they were in the process of working it all out and would be sending something out about GDPR "soon". Think I'll be going back to them - 21 years is ridiculous. I thought the whole purpose of GDPR was to cut down on how much data we hold unnecessarily.
  9. Retention of records/archiving

    Just been told by LA that they "think" we have to keep funding forms for 21 years!
  10. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    It's a pleasure- glad it was of help. It certainly helped me.
  11. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    https://www.childcare.co.uk/free-childminder-paperwork Some really useful resources on this website about GDPR. And 2 Youtube presentations from Sarah Neville about GDPR. I actually started to feel more confident after watching them although the amount of work is challenging. After spending all day yesterday on this, I've been waking up at night thinking of more implications!
  12. GDPR- Staff

    Can I ask about staff records? Staff application forms with details of referees, references supplied for staff, what about records for staff who have left?
  13. GDPR resources

    Thanks for the enrolment form. There is a section about other agencies involved. We would add any involvement with Social Care i.e name of social worker and contact details. Would we need consent from them? Would we need to get consent from every person who picks up a child to have their contact details, e.g.childminder, grandma, ?
  14. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    So what do I say to the parent who visited a few weeks ago and has now said they would like to go on the waiting list and is asking what information should they send me.?
  15. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    How do we go about with the information we get from prospective parents when they go on a waiting list for places? Some parents send me their child's name, date of birth and their names, phone numbers and email addresses by email or text or fill in a form if they visit? They don't all end up taking up a place but I have their information anyway.