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  1. Putting a Tender together

    hope everything goes well - thinking of you. x
  2. Holiday Lunches

    could you speak to another local nursery and find out how they cover lunches? alternatively could you afford to have someone come in daily and cook for you?
  3. Hi do you have any copies of the things you do please as would like to change ours a bit too - don't think our local school take much notice about what we write but could give a new view ?
  4. registers and visitors books

    a few years back we had a teacher turn up to visit - our LA said all teachers would carry ID badges for visits - this teacher didn't and had no other ID on her - I phoned the school and asked them to give a description of the teacher ! they were a bit put out but I said as we had never seen her before and she had no ID then I needed to ensure she was who she said she was.
  5. I wonder if anyone has a leaflet they give to parents explaining the eyfs to them - we give out a big booklet which is becoming expensive to print - was hoping for a 2/4 sided booklet if possible? i have looked online but seem to be going round in circles.
  6. Fine motor activities

    threading straws through the holes in a colander peeling sticky dots from sheet and placing them on a pre-drawn line pegging pegs onto a container using tweezers to sort objects
  7. What would you do?

    If you could get mum to stay for a few days she could take him to the toilet then gradually have a member of staff go with him and mum to the toilet and take over mums role ?
  8. staffing difficulties - 1 - I think this has to come through peer on peer observations and generally watching them throughout a session - put notes in a book maybe - (make sure you keep it close to you at all times) 2 - rota is the best way to go -you have comeback if something hasn't been done then as know who was due to do this -maybe staff sign to say they have completed their area etc., 3 - Staff taking responsibility and being held accountable for adding to all things, such as planning, observations, staff meetings, SEF, health & safety, risk assessment Planning - we do planning at staff meetings and I ask each person in turn what their children need/how we can do this Staff meetings - I put note up re meeting and ask for any ideas etc they wish discussed to put on list then give a copy of agenda to each person before meeting and at meet I ask each person for input etc., SEF - we usually discuss a section at a time -staff get copy of this to read and put notes on their copy to return to me and then these are then discussed/amendments made 1 - as said before it's a case of saying "would you mind / thank you" 2 -if someone has ticked/initialled to say something has been done and it hasn't been then could you use a highlighter to mark this so you have a record of this for later? Easier than trying to note it down. 3 - can these be put in a loose leaf file so all kept together - remind staff these are a requirement of Ofsted and will be needed available if Ofsted come in - keep the file in a set place and tell everyone that is where it stays. Make notes if you have conversations -date/time.name and words to remind you gist of what was spoken about. Staff descriptions should have lots of these things in them and can use this to talk about shortcomings . It is also good to bring to attention of everyone good working practice.
  9. Books on poverty

    Maddi's fridge by Lois Brandt looks a lovely book with simple story - maybe try Amazon or other online company or local library might have a copy?
  10. Level 1 students

    Level 1 Qualifications Introductory qualifications that are ideal for those new to the industry. They cover basic tasks and knowledge. At this level you will gain relevant knowledge and skills to complete routine tasks under supervision. Found this which might help you.
  11. ABC

    we used this one -adapted it a bit for our use -it's freely available online with autism society ABC chart.pdf
  12. Snack time

    Do you have a member of staff at the snack table - if not, that might be the answer. We do cafe style snack but there is an adult there at all times who sits with/talks to the children (we talk about what they have been doing - healthy foods, how they grow etc.,) as they eat - they choose their snack, pour their own drink etc., but the adult is there in case they are needed and also to encourage others to play for a while and to come back when there are no spaces at the table.
  13. OFSTED complaint

    Agree - you need to look though the reports, point by point and think about how you can put them right. Involve other senior members of staff as you do this maybe, and maybe have a staff meeting to talk some of it through as a group as this is something you all need to work on together.
  14. Small mallets

    might be worth having a look on amazon