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  1. Yes both staff and children wear slippers inside and wellies outside. We implemented this due to having a hearing impaired child in the setting and we love it. It’s great, you get to work and chuck your slippers on!😃
  2. Can anyone recommend a light panel/box? (Not fromTTS). Am really interested in buying one but would love a recommendation.
  3. EY2 forms for Committee Members

    Thanks Rebecca for linking to that report. Good to know that maybe improvements to the system are in the pipeline. I still think that the manager needs to be able to communicate with Ofsted freely.
  4. Boat dwellers and schools

    Glad you got it sorted, well done. Fabulous news about the picnic on the boat, sounds like fun. Wonder why just because this is their lifestyle they are possibly going to get funding and EYPP. Sounds like yet another case of EYPP being paid where it is not needed!
  5. Boat dwellers and schools

    Gosh that seems harsh. I am sorry I cannot be of any help but I assumed that traveller families have access to school places? Hope you find your answer.
  6. EY2 forms for Committee Members

    How long have we all been expressing our frustration at this system but nothing has changed. This year I have four parents at different stages in the whole DBS and EY2 process which is so unnecessarily confusing. Time they all get through the system their children will be off to school! Don’t even get me started on the nominated person crap! Wish someone in Ofsted towers would simplify this system.
  7. Oh us too, I love the barefoot books and CDs and purchased quite a few of these with some fundraising money a couple of years ago. Just want some nice books for story time to keep on our special shelf that do not go home in book bags and get eaten by the ? or the ?!! years ago I had a lovely book from the library and it was the row the boat song but with loads of different verses and alternate endings. I have never been able to find it since and I cannot remember the title of it. Thanks for the suggestions Sunnyday?
  8. Am looking to purchase a lot of new books with our EYPP money. What are your children’s favourites what could you not live without? We are pre-school age. Look forward to your suggestions.
  9. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    Good luck, let us know how you get on.
  10. Playfoam

    No it’s a dry thing!
  11. Has anyone used Playfoam in their setting? Just thought it may be something different for the malleable table but before I ordered I wanted to know if any of you had used it and your thoughts.?
  12. When we go to the school hall for our PE session we currently have a wooden climbing frame and slide, balance beam and stepping stones. We have fundraised for some new equipment and I would like to provide some more challenging equipment. Any ideas of where to buy and what to buy? (I will not use TTS). Any ideas gratefully considered. ?
  13. Minimum Wage Increase

    Personally I think that you have to increase everyone to make it fair.
  14. Committee Responsibilities

    I would not be happy to employ anyone that I had not interviewed. In the past it has always been myself and the Chairperson who have done the interview.