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  1. Thank you Finleysmaid I have passed all the information on to the Mum. 🙂👍
  2. I am posting on behalf of a very desperate Mum. The explanation below is her words and I would love some of your advice and wisdom so that we can try and help. Thank you in advance. I'm getting quite depressed about the pooing situation. I will try & tell you everything I can for you to relay onto the forum. So, she started potty training not long after she turned 3. She was dry very quickly & has been out of pull ups at night for well over a year now. She always pooed in her knickers. She would just take herself off & hide & do it. She has always been very scared of wanting to try & do it in a potty or down the toilet. I just thought she would get there eventually. But she never has. Some days she will do one massive poo or other days she will do 5+ little poos in her knickers. There is no set time. I contacted the health visitors after it had been going on for so long. One of the nursery nurses came out & offered help & support & we tried all the things she told us. She has probably done a total of 6 poos in the potty/toilet in the whole 15 months we have been trying. I just don't understand it. She is so clever & very clean & I know it is actually getting to her now. I'm so frustrated with it now. We are waiting to hear back from the bowel & incontinence nurse. No amount of reward incentive seems to make any difference. She tells me she is going to do it but then just goes off & does it. Obviously home life is quite stressful at times because of the boys. But she has known no different & she does seem quite resilient to it. But I never know if it is a way of getting attention. Although she gets a lot of my attention anyway. I'm so worried as she is due to start school & I can't understand or see her ever cracking it.
  3. I agree with Finleysmaid. I would have sunhats, umbrellas, pretend sun cream etc for them to use as props to role play and an adult available to model it to start with.
  4. GDPR- emergency contacts details?

    We have told our parents to inform the emergency contact that we have their details.
  5. Data protection agreements

    Yes I sent this out the same as Rebecca. Had a couple of replies but others are either still in the process of sorting it or ignoring me! I did receive info from the bank with our statement today so have put that in my GDPR folder as proof. Thanks to Rebecca and Lauren and the PSLA I am (I hope) completely up to date and GDPR ready🤞(Famous last words). Shockingly there has been no information or advice from our LA!
  6. Gosh, not quite sure what to say that would be helpful. We are finding it increasingly hard to get SALT referrals as they have so many children to deal with. I agree that they are not going to get a true picture of the children in the first term, why on earth is it not done in the spring term or even the summer term before going into year one? The changes that we see in the children when they have spent two terms in reception from when they left us are big. Surely it would be better to wait. The two schools we feed are both academies and I have not heard that they are doing this test, but I will find out. I am sorry I have not been helpful with my reply but my brain is all GDPR and policied out today! Been a long day.
  7. GDPR resources

    😲😩I have had that, hope you are having a lovely rest!! Think going back to work and having three new two year olds starting will be restful!😉
  8. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Ok I get it now. Wonder how much it will cost as I bet it won’t be included in our current insurance policy.🙄
  9. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Just to say that Cosy have now said that the supplier has some of the cubes with the slots and can deliver them and collect the others. At last, it’s only taken one month to get it sorted!🙄
  10. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    🤨scuse me for being stupid but what is cyber insurance exactly and do we need it?
  11. Retention of records/archiving

    Our Funding team are fabulous. Emails answered straight away and really helpful when spoken to on the phone. 👍
  12. Retention of records/archiving

    Ours is seven.
  13. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    It is turning into a bit of a battle. I have tried to be reasonable and now I have threatened them but still they will not back down😭
  14. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Going to start looking through them in a moment. It will help take my mind off the worsening battle with Cosy direct😢😤
  15. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Log into the site! Click on shop. Top left. scroll down the page to the bottom right, click on publication downloads. Click the Essential policies and procedures. Scroll down and all the new updated policies are there. Obvioulsy you can only access the up dates if you have purchased the book in the first place. Hope that helps, if not shout!🙂