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  1. We purchased one for outdoors from TTS and I would NOT recommend it. Why not get some of the whiteboard on a roll and do it yourself.
  2. Advice re Management please.

    Yes exactly the same as me finleysmaid!
  3. I have a three year old in my group who is too friendly/over familiar with any strangers that come into the group or who we meet out and about in the community. It was noticed by our LA visitor once and now her parents are concerned that she has no awareness of ‘stranger danger’. Taking her age into account and whilst not wishing to squash her beautiful friendly and trusting nature, how would you go about trying to teach her some awareness?
  4. Questionnaire

    I really like this and the fact that it is in digital form. Please can you tell me how we would go about using this and sending it to our parents.🙂
  5. Book keeping

    Just an update, we had a meeting and we have decided that we will sign up to the PSLA payroll scheme but that she will still do our books (which is what she is good at) this way we are covered and confident it is being done correctly but I will not have to worry about the bookkeeping, end of year etc. So everyone is happy! Thanks for all the input and advice.
  6. Questionnaire

    We do these every year. I will have a look when I get five minutes and download them. They may not be relevant to you, what kind of setting are you?
  7. baskets/tubs for toys

    I have just ordered some plastic baskets that are meant to look like wicker from the Consortium. I love the proper baskets but they really do not stand up to the rough and tumble of pre school!
  8. Book keeping

    Many thanks for all your replies and advice. Mouseketeer has been amazing with her help and we are going to go with the PSLA as we are already members. Just got to have a meeting with the bookeeper tomorrow to give her notice. Not looking forward to that as she does mean well. Thanks again for sharing the burden, I don’t know what I would do without this forum🙂
  9. Book keeping

    Do they also work out all the HMRC payments etc? Also just wondering, I currently give all our invoices and receipts etc to the bookeeper who files them and records them in the accounts book and then makes up the end of year profit/loss sheet which then goes to someone else who verifies and audits it. Do you do this part yourself? I will look into the PSLA, thank you.
  10. Book keeping

    To say I was cross was an understatement! We cannot afford this at the moment and have had to transfer the money from our contingency pot! The thing is she has been doing our accounts for the past twenty odd years so things have really moved on in that time and I don’t think she has kept up, and although my confidence has grown in the responsibilities that I now have since our admin lady left I really am no book keeper! (It’s also one of those small village things where you don’t want to upset someone). But since the meeting this morning I am now contemplating doing it myself, hence wanting to know what others do. Sunnyday I think I can still hear you muttering!🤫
  11. Book keeping

    Yes we are members of the PLA but they don’t seem to have the pay roll service in Cornwall. I am happy to take it on just wondering what systems are out there to make it as simple as possible.🙂
  12. Book keeping

    We currently pay a book keeper who submits our wages through payroll, pays all the HMRC stuff and does all the book keeping accounts for us. Unfortunately we have just had to pay a fine (£500) to HMRC because she was not filing our returns on time. This also happened back in 2015 where we ended up paying a smaller fine. At a committee meeting today this all came to a head and basically we are going to ask her to get professional indemnity insurance or we will not use her any more. I do everything else to do with finances, pensions, balancing bank accounts etc and was wondering if it is something that I can take on? Would be really interested in hearing how everyone else operates and do you use any software packages that do all this? We are a small (4staff) charity run pre school. I am really eager to hear your replies.
  13. Whistleblowing

    Thank you for highlighting the NSPCC poster, have Dow.oaded it and will put it up tomorrow.
  14. Attendance in early years

    First thing to do is have a conversation with the parent and ask them if there is a reason for the poor attendance and if there is anything you can do to help it improve. I am guessing that you have a record of non attendance, have you looked at that to see if there is any kind of pattern to it? Once you have had the discussion and if there is no reason for it I would suggest that you explain to them that if it continues you will have to reduce the amount of funded hours that you can claim for them.
  15. Whistleblowing

    Yes you definitely need one.