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  1. Indoor Shoes

    We’ve done this for years, children and staff, never been any problems :-)
  2. basic online safeguarding course??

    On the same theme, does anyone know of any L3 update (DSL) online training, not ideal I know, but may have to do until it’s put on in our area :-(
  3. EY2 forms for Committee Members

    In the space of a few days I was no longer the manager, nominated person or the person responsible for the Childcare tax vouchers all because new committee members completing EY2’s ticked boxes they should have left well alone
  4. s a t p i n

    Oh and to me I love games and quizzes :-D
  5. EY2 forms for Committee Members

    And you would not believe (well you probably would) the fiasco that follows if one of them ticks the ‘nominated individual’ box by mistake or the ‘working with children’ box..OH BOY !
  6. EY2 forms for Committee Members

    does anyone else think it makes no sense that we have to add them as a trustee to your charity commission registration before ofsted have deemed them a suitable person ?
  7. s a t p i n

    Also pain could be cvc.... And I should be a doing a vat return :-( should also look at funding portal, glanced a couple of days ago, portal telling me a few 30hrs are in grace period, the parents showing me end dates in Jan, just know inputting is going to be a hassle so head in sand and back to word searching lol
  8. s a t p i n

    Oh what a ‘tit’ I am...I didn’t even think about using the same letter twice...is that allowed sat, pat, sit, pit, tip, tap, pin, nip, sip, sap, pan, nap, sin, tin, nit, tan (16) Pains, pain, paints, paint, saint, span, pans, pint, apt, ant, pant, pants, satin, stain, tans, naps, taps, snap, snip, nips, sain, spit, spat, pits, pats (if verbs count )
  9. s a t p i n

    I made it to 30 (not including 2 letter words or plurals) (15 CVC)
  10. s a t p i n

    Is that a challenge Wildflowers? oh I love word games, think we need a games room
  11. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    I hope it went well C1403
  12. s a t p i n

    Paints ...do I win ?
  13. Risk assessment for Grommets

    And my first thought was ‘don’t let them fall head first down the toilet’ ....not helpful I know
  14. Highlighting the teaching

    It would be useful (in browser) to be able to somehow pick out some text either by highlighting, underlining or change of font colour, similar to options in this box, I could highlight all the mistakes :-D ....or maybe you already can and I just haven’t figured it out?
  15. Minimum Wage Increase

    Our wages are also worked out like this, the basic hours they get paid and the amount of accrued holiday each month won’t change just the amount they are paid per hour for them from April.