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  1. I agree Fm, my first thought was “really”?
  2. Hi lavender, welcome to the forum, as you say with 3 aspects to CL we have some great talkers but they don’t listen to anything anyone else has to say without a lot of reminding, I’ve never thought about averaging the areas and not sure how you'd average a whole area with the aspects in each being so different and chn may show strengths in one aspect and weakness in another, I’m sorry that hasn’t answered your question, maybe someone will come along that does :-)
  3. flexible working request

    What a nonsense to have to deal with right now fm, I’d agree with your husband, where will it end once a presidence is set? If she can’t work the hours she was taken on for then she needs to find another more suitable to her needs job, we employ staff because that’s when we need them for maintaining ratio’s, how many EY settings can afford the luxury of over staffing to be able to offer flexi time (harsh I know) Hopefully your trustees will see sense....good luck
  4. I think it’s the same everywhere, I now find myself saying “oh dear, did I forget to add the date to the Newletter, notice board, Tap message, Fb page.....”
  5. Putting a Tender together

    Also sending Best Wishes your way Narnia :-(
  6. Ratio help please 😳😶

    Hi pickles, I’m a bit confused by the post do you mean ‘under 2’ or should it read ‘under 3’ as in between 2&3 yrs old? if it’s 1x under 2yrs you have to put 2 of the older chn with that 1 (so 3:1) and then it would depend on the ages left, if all over 3yrs then 8chn for the other member of staff (11 chn total) but if any of those are under 3yrs then only 4chn for the other staff member (7 in total). if it’s 1 x under 3yrs, bring 3x over 3’s into their ratio + 8 over 3’s for the other staff member (12 in total). I have seen some settings work it out on a points score but that isn’t what the framework states and in some scenarios it doesn’t work out. hope that makes sense :-/
  7. Hi Sally I print off the ‘latest’ snapshot at the end of each term, in cohorts (girl/boy), I then go through and highlight each aspect each child showed progress in (even a refinement) it really doesn’t take long, not only does this show where a child has stagnated in an aspect but it also shows if areas of provision need looking at e.g at the end of last term it showed our oldest girls had made little or no progress in EM&M even though they are always involved in role play, singing and arty things etc when looking into it they weren’t using construction resources so we could plan enhancements to engage them in that. I also print off the age band tracker, we then moderate at a staff meeting to make sure the chn are where we think they should be in their cohort and can adjust if needed.
  8. Minimum Wage Increase

    I do believe accrued holiday pay has to be shown as a separate item on pay slips if it’s being paid with the wages.
  9. I thought schools had just spent the last few years introducing a ‘creative curriculum’? Thanks for posting the links, I will have to have a proper read.
  10. Minimum Wage Increase

    We are paid this way, 38 wks pay split into 12 equal payments with pro rata holiday pay shown monthly as extra. The pre-school learning alliance do our payroll so I just go along with ‘they should know what they’re doing”. I suppose you could change the wording on contracts to say something along the lines of annual pay to be paid in 12 (or 13 if 4 weekly)equal amounts, though I think however you look at it you will have some payments where they have been worked all the weeks in that pay period and would have earnt more than the payment but at other times they might only have worked 2 wks out of 4 in that period so way above hourly rate. I think staff have to agree to amendments in contracts though if you do change anything.
  11. GDPR and downloads

    Do you ask your parents to give permission (consent) for children to be in each other’s journals? I’m working on that covers it, we don’t do any of this having a key person from a shared setting as a relative as I do have concerns about all the other chn in both settings being shared in photos of the joint child, I did think about adding something on my Tap parent permission form but didn’t.
  12. Putting a Tender together

    Sad to read this Narnia :-( Is there any room for further negotiations with the community centre as presumably if the space you could use is currently empty they be better off getting something from you rather than nothing, is the potentional or space there to amalgamate the 2 local settings? I know that would bring another set of negotiations and would probably only work if both either Charity run, private owned etc but your bargaining power would be greater there would be increased income and shared costs to carry out initial works...I’d be looking for a longer lease to start with.....best wishes
  13. sorry still cant find the edit option on the pc either? this is what I have from Nov'17; new committee member info Nov'17.docx
  14. I can’t edit previous post but I think it’s something to do with the wording now, a bit like the ‘shoulds’, it might have said ‘recommend’ rather than must :-/
  15. I’m sure it isn’t lynned and why I think the update will be missed by CM’s now, (they used to have to complete dbs and update before moving on to the ey2, that isn’t the case now) when committee complete the EYS there is a question asking something along the lines of ‘is the dbs in process’ and if it isn’t via Ofsted/Capita you have to put who it’s being done through, I’m pretty sure I had something via email about it, to it could have been on their update emails, i’ll try and find something.