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  1. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    woooohhhh back up there..so now as well as a key I need software?
  2. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    I am still working on the 'agreements', I'm planning on a separate for each processor we share with now, do you think this from the framework is good enough reason to legal Obligation for school transitions? 3.68.Providers must maintain records and obtain and share information (with parents and carers, other professionals working with the child, the police, social services and Ofsted or the childminder agency with which they are registered, as appropriate) to ensure the safe and efficient management of the setting, and to help ensure the needs of all children are met.Providers must enable a regular two-way flow of information with parents and/or carers, and between providers, if a child is attending more than one setting. If requested, providers should incorporate parents’ and/or carers’ comments into children’s records.
  3. GDPR

    lol maybe you're right Ladyshallot ! It doesn't seem like a good idea to put that out there....how long could someone get away with 'achieving compliance'? P.s I am not shirking work I'm researching , please see my question on 'to do list'
  4. GDPR

    I was reading information from parenta yesterday: A note on achieving compliance Whilst it’s difficult at this stage to understand how the GDPR rules will be enforced, the penalties for non-compliance are severe. If your setting is found to be in breach of regulations after being investigated, you could face fines of up to 4% of your annual turnover. This is not of your profit – but your turnover! You could also face prosecution and ultimately imprisonment. Of course, it will take time to review your current procedures for collecting data and to carry out an audit of what personal data you hold. It will take longer still to put new policies and notices in place to make sure you’re GDPR compliant. However, so long as you can evidence that you’re taking clear steps towards achieving compliance now, you’re on the right path.
  5. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Hi bluebirds, welcome to the forum, that’s a good question, I have been looking at them on a well known auction site, but no idea which I should get, prices vary greatly so any ‘reasonable’ priced recommendations would be good...and is it a different one for each device? (pc and lap top).
  6. Lilbits

    I did buy some unusual bits and pieces from them a while ago and still get the odd email, I seem to remember it takes ages to come and is about 100x smaller than you think it’s going to be.
  7. Maybe moving

    Lots of good advice already from Fm re funding, we did it some years ago (but we’re lucky enough to secure county funding), money aside there will be lots to think about; planning permission, access plan/highways, building regulations, ground works (this cost us approx half again to the modular building cost), are utilities easily accessible? Land rental agreement if not owning the land.....good luck, hopefully you can make it happen :-)
  8. GDPR Email Encryption

    that sounds very sensible I doubt BT have anything that useful with their emails, i'll send myself something and try it :-) edit - that will be a no then :-(
  9. Questionnaire

    have just had a peep and it looks really good (thank you), just a couple of questions, do you email the link to parents? (being able to add links to tapestry would be fab) and what do you do with the responses ie store electronically or print?
  10. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    I think my last task is to come up with a 'data sharing' agreement, I'm sat here staring at the the ICO checklist for sharing but not getting a lot of inspiration, all the templates I've found look very wordy (scary), has anyone come up with a suitable one for the types of sharing we do e.g sen reports, shared setting progress, school transitions etc? thanks :-)
  11. royal wedding

    Hi, have you tried googling African princesses via images?
  12. Reuseable wet wipes

    Johnson’s need to go back to the drawing board since changing their cotton buds, cheaper ones that aren’t plastic are way better (before anyone crucifies me this is not a work observation)
  13. Reuseable wet wipes

    A spit on the edge of your sleeve it is then We don’t get through many wet wipes either, was also going to suggest some sort of soft, strong tissue type paper and water for face washing (or those little cotton wool makeup pads ...until they ban them to?) not sure about the other, at the moment we use the so called ‘flushable’ wipes. I know we have to save the planet but there are going to be a lot of people out of work when everything is banned unless real alternatives are produced to replace these things.
  14. In the background is probably the best way to describe their involvement
  15. Hi, I’d think you can pay who you want, these are my thoughts.....are you a very big setting? Is your manager completely in ratio? as I’m wondering what the Admin person does for 16hrs a week to also need a separate finance person, are they jobs the manager could do with some hours out of ratio (we use PSLA payroll, as manager I email a monthly wage adjustment, it all comes back within a couple of days, I pay wages, paye, pension from their figures and the cost is minimal compared to a weekly finance person) ...I know committee settings run very differently and it is about finding what works best for your setting, especially the cost implications. Hope you get it sorted :-)