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  1. iwatches and fitbits etc.

    I think that’s all we can do Rebecca, there is no way we can stop the worst happening if someone really wants to, no matter how much locking away, signing in and out of mobile phones we have in place we cannot frisk staff every morning to make sure they don’t have anything else on them that could be used to record images whether another mobile phone, a camera pen or some fancy watch, we can only do the best we can with robust policies and procedures.
  2. iwatches and fitbits etc.

    iwatches and fitbits may not have a camera function but what about similar looking watches that do, how would we know what someone’s watch is capable of (they all look the same to me)
  3. Table with whiteboard top

    Haven’t seen one of these, we just cover a table with a whiteboard.
  4. Data Protection

    Hi Motherclanger We have an ‘Information storage - data protection’ policy which is about to be reviewed to reflect GDPR changes (see Rebecca’s thread in here), our county also provides a Fair Processing Notice which I include in the prospectus. I can share our policy with you tomorrow if it helps to start you off.
  5. EY2 forms for Committee Members

    Hi Mrsbarwick and welcome, once logged into your Ofsted gateway account, you will see self-service (list on left)choose that then you’ll see self service on a tab, select that then manage provision, view/update and then the ‘individuals associated’ tab will show members ofsted have cleared as suitable :-)
  6. Book keeping

    Glad to be of help zigzag
  7. Gill Jones' advice about observing children

    No graphs or pie charts here either looby lou !!! I print termly ‘latest’ snapshot in school years, one girl, one boy age order and scribble SEN, SALT, EYPP, 2YrF down the side :-D
  8. Book keeping

    They work out everything :-) I keep an accounts folder that goes to (or did) the accountant for auditing, but they also offer that as well so will look into that now to.
  9. Gill Jones' advice about observing children

    I think we have moved away from worrying about what our planning looks like now, but do get hung up on cohort tracking instead because it is a question we are asked to explain during inspection now, I use my tapestry analysis to explain it but I see lots of posts from people asking for anything they can use to cohort track, which groups you track and how people do it ....it just seems to have replaced the planning hang ups :-(
  10. Book keeping

    We used to have an ex treasurer who was also an accountant so we employed her when she left the committee, eventually she was only doing ours and the sage updates are quite expensive so it was costing her more than she was charging us and gave up, we moved over to Devon PSLA payroll (we are not in Devon anyone can use it, cheaper if a PSLA member), we pay just under £3 per staff a month and buy the inclusive package £120 a year, that includes monthly payroll including pension and paye calculations plus all end of year, a monthly adjustment sheet (which they supply) is completed and emailed to them a few days before pay is due and a couple of days later everything turns up in the post, I then pay wages, paye and complete the nest pension schedule, very easy, I cannot fault the service, any emailed questions are almost instantly answered or you can phone, I am so thankful another manager recommended them when I was stressing about pensions. Look under ‘our services’ for payroll and what is provided. https://www.pre-school.org.uk/devon
  11. Ofsted online SEF ends April 2018

    Hi Hyacinth and welcome to the forum, It sounds fine, I use the descriptors in the back of the inspection handbook to make sure we are meeting those for ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ and just use a sheet that records what we plan to improve,reason(could be from not feeling we meet a descriptor, parent feedback/questionnaires, staff suggestions, monitoring provision/how chn use or access resources/environment, training, other professionals)intended outcome, who & when by, evaluate. I (very) occasionally fed some of it into the SEF, but to be fair I did always feel sorry for inspectors having to read them, especially when you hear how many pages some run into....this is probably why it’s being dropped rather than saving us work
  12. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    Good news, well done :-)
  13. How many Observations

    I agree, and it needs to include all obs added by a staff member for their own key children and not just those with eyfs assessments attached please and Thank You :-)
  14. Individual child's progress

    Hi HappyDays and welcome, if you open the tracking tab there are lots of different progress tracking screens to play around with, the age band tracker is useful for groups and now has the baseline included, the ‘analysis comparison’ screen brings up which periods you want to compare, I tend to use the ‘latest’ snapshot mostly but I think it’s about finding which screen gives you what you want to know really, save any screens you like to favourites or you can spend a lot of time trying to find it again :-)
  15. Art project

    Ah sorry, sticking with the paint effect theme what about different tyre pattern tracks through paint, foot prints (or wellie boots they have great patterns) ,leaf prints, scrunched up foil/bags.......