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In part two of Sharon Day's maths series, we look at maths for 2 to 4 years olds, and the concepts of subitising and conserving. 
Stephen and Jules chat with developmental play specialist Carly Budd about what early play looks like, the link between physical development and social and emotional development, and the importance of playfulness. If you enjoy these podcasts from th…
Ben unpacks Tapestry journals, finding functions old and new that can support your provision within the new EYFS and through Key Stage.


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    Very long Settling in period - child fine, but parent reluctant to leave

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    Podcast discussion: Decolonising Baby Massage

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    The National SEND Audit 2023

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    2023/2024 17th Nov/8th Jan/25th March - Safeguarding Awareness Recognising and Responding to Abuse (Level 2) - Children and Young People Location Southampton

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    2023 3rd October - New to Year 6 Location Southampton

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    The Lost Art of Climbing Trees

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    Mandela Model Workbook - developing belonging in your setting's community

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    Podcast episode: A child-centred approach to PE

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    Management system update: Extra Charges, Assign Bill payers, and more. 

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    Importance of Reflection for CPD

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