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If you are a parent, you do not need to register here. Your school will send your log in details directly to you.
Please read carefully:

  • Complete and submit this form to request a 14 day trial of Tapestry for your setting.
  • Please note that the trial will not become active immediately , as the requests are reviewed and approved by the team, and then queued for creation on the system.
  • Once the trial has been created, you will be emailed with login details for Tapestry and also separate details for the FSF site (if you aren't already subscribed via the email provided).
  • Please keep an eye on your spam/junk folders, because the welcome emails contain links and sometimes email clients see them as spam for this reason and put them in there.
  • Please keep note of the details for both sites as you will need these to log into Tapestry and also to log in and download invoices/pay subscriptions if you choose to continue using Tapestry.

If you decide that you would like to subscribe to Tapestry and want to convert your trial into a full account to continue adding data, please do NOT go to the purchase page and take out a paid new account. If you do this your data will not be retained. Instead follow these instructions that explain how to do so.

1 Your setting name

Please enter the name of your pre-school or school below

2 Nominated Tapestry Contact

Please enter an email address, first name and last name of the person who will be the registered contact for Tapestry. Log in details, invoices and renewal reminders will be sent to this email address.

3 Address Details

Please enter an address and phone contact details. These will be associated with your trial account and if you decide to convert the trial to a full Tapestry package, the invoice will contain these details.

4 Setting Type

Please select your setting type from the list below

Please enter your Ofsted Unique Reference Number (URN) below

Please tick the box below to prove you are a human!