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Welcome to the FSF Bookshelf. Here you will find a collection of books, both for children and about children. Some have been recommended in forum discussions and others have been read and enjoyed by our Education Team. If you would like to add your own thoughts about these books, or offer your own recommendations, do visit our books forum.

If you decide to purchase any of the books on our bookshelf, please remember your local bookshop!

Spotlight review: Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning


Those engaging in teacher training, or embarking on their first teaching positions, would do well to read this book and use the reflective questions to develop their own professional skills, approaches and pedagogies.


The original publication, the editors state, grew out of the realisation that teacher training courses, especially the PGCE, offered little to no time to explore underlying issues in early years and primary education. Still hugely important, we naturally want all teachers and practitioners to be as widely read as possible in the field of education, keeping up to date with latest thinkin…

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Spotlight review: Umar


A fantastic book that takes you through the journey of Umar's love of keys!


While on the surface, this book seems to be about a boy called Umar and his love of keys, when you understand why David wrote this book, it takes on a whole new level.

The story takes you on a journey with Umar, following his fascination with keys and his determination to learn how they work and what they can help us to do. The illustrations are beautifully clear and colourful, mak…

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