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The Bossy Book (This is the bossiest book in the world)

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A book with a mind of it's own! Will you do as The Bossy Book says, or will you make it grumpy? 



Are you ready to be bossed about?

I mean, really bossed about?

That’s what will happen to you when you read The Bossy Book (This is the bossiest book in the world) by Yoshan. This book tells children exactly what to do – sit taller, turn around, shuffle back – and gets very huffy if they don’t do it! Full of interactive learning opportunities, the book engages children, invites their responses, and it can even hear them thinking. The Bossy Book plays with words, using repetition, alliteration, and the sounds words make as you roll them around your tongue, saying them softly, loudly, crossly. As well as a way with words, the book also showcases speech bubbles and exclamation marks, with arrows to navigate your way to the end, and back to the beginning.  As you would expect from a book that knows what it likes and wants it right now, the colours are bold and bright, the commands and feelings popping off each page. It has an irresistible personality of its own (a bossy one of course). This is a book to be read aloud and adults will have lots of fun adding in loads of expression while children will delight in maybe, possibly, not quite doing what The Bossy Book tells them to!

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