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Two Dads

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Having two dads is double the fun!

Many families are different. This family has Two Dads.

A beautifully illustrated, affirming story of life with Two Dads, written from the perspective of their adopted child.


The benefits of having two Daddies cannot be underestimated – Daddies for games, Daddies for outings, Daddies for cuddles and Daddies to tuck you in at night. This book celebrates having two Dads and points out all the advantages in beautiful words and pictures.

This family unit will resonate with many children and they will love sharing their thoughts and ideas about the things they like to do with their parents. The story would be a lovely starting point for an ‘All about me’ theme. It would also be a gentle resource for the early years bookshelf in your setting if there was ever a need to discuss having two dads as a PSHE topic. Very young children might raise questions about why some families have ‘set ups’ different to their own and this book nicely shows how although perhaps different, equally as much fun, love and attention is possible – whatever the parenting arrangement is at home. 

Edited by Rebecca

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