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LET'S BUILD 50 Exciting Ideas for Construction Play

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Construction play offers young children the prospect of creating representations of their world, whilst at the same time exploring, manipulating, decision-making and collaborating. They enjoy the challenges and problem solving opportunities inherent in such activities and learn to take pride and satisfaction in the finished product. This publication offers suggestions for extending the potential of this kind of play, linking it to all areas of the curriculum. It is intended to help practitioners see new and exciting possibilities for their construction equipment.


This book, one of the '50 Exciting Ideas' series, contains suggested activities with useful prompts to encourage cross curricular provision. It would be a useful addition to any newly qualified early years teacher's personal bookshelf. The directions within the book are clear and well explained. More experienced, confident practitioners might struggle to find something innovative contained within the book yet, for a beginner, the book is perfect. Every activity encourages staff to think ahead and be organised in their presentation. Questions to probe children's understanding and to facilitate further learning are included on every page and will help to build staff confidence. 

Using the book as a provocation for older children might also be possible. Useful discussions and challenges would be orchestrated by enabling the children to use the book to set up their own activities - following the instructions in the book rather like a recipe book. Their are clear directions for "What you need" and "What you do" which would be perfectly followed by children organising their own learning. 

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