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Two Mums and a menagerie

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Fur, feather and family fun! They have plenty of space and plenty of love, but will the children and their two mums be able to manage their ever expanding animal family


This is a really funny book about a family who fill up their house with children and animals to a point at which they have to move out. The writing bounces along with rhymes and rhythms which children will love to copy. The alliterative phrases are clever, the first baby 'giggles and gurgles' and the family 'loved and laughed'. The vocabulary choices will appeal to young children will plenty of 'poo' being mentioned! I liked the illustrations, they are very soft and gentle - reminiscent of Shirley Hughes' early work with 'Alfie and Annie Rose'. The illustrations will also appeal because they are busy and detailed with plenty of things to 'spot'. If I was reading this with my pre-school children I would be asking them to find things in the pictures - like 'Each Peach Pear Plum'. It would be a wonderful book for a literacy session as well as just for a fun read. The font used looks like 'proper writing' so older children might be inspired to write their own versions reflecting their own family life. As a basis for an 'All About Me' or 'My Family' topic this book is a winner. The family unit in this book happens to be two mums and two adopted children, but this is not the main 'driver' for the tale - it's just a really funny story about a family who have too many animals and have to move to the country to fit them all in.

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