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We take many everyday objects for granted. But in a time of ever-tightening school budgets these objects can be invaluable in affording low-cost, high-impact opportunities for learning.


In this climate of cost cutting and ever increasingly ingenious money saving schemes this book about using low cost / no cost items to enthuse and motivate in the early years is a 'must have.' The introductory chapters detail the history of 'objects' and their significance and relevance through history. Fascinating references to research and museum policy help the reader understand why we invest such importance to objects and why some of us become obsessive collectors. The authors remind us of the fascination and excitement young children have playing with a cardboard boxes - this book takes the notion that children can derive play, knowledge and pleasure from apparently ''nothing' objects. Children are encouraged to explore, challenge and question what things are and what the potential of them might be. Each object suggestion is supported with questions, ideas and links for further development. For example, in the chapter called 'Yoghurt pots' there are some facts about yoghurt (Strawberry is the most popular flavour according to a recent survey). There are resource lists that you could use to help you gather items so that you can complete the included activities, there are then Health and Safety points to help you keep yourself and the children protected. Each chapter has key vocabulary to introduce and activities to enjoy which will help you extend and broaden children's knowledge and experience. I can see that this book would be an asset to any early years library and would help staff use 'found' objects imaginatively (and hopefully keep the setting resources budget down!)

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