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  1. Allow staff to baby sit

    Do you allow staff to baby sit at weekends for children that attend your nursery? Also I have a parent that has asked if the child’s key worker can take the child home( child’s home) after nursery finishes as mum is having an operation. I Have checked statutory guidelines and it does say if a child is not picked up you must not take them home but this would be an arranged dropping off. The member of staff is willing to do it but want to see if this is ‘against any rules’.
  2. Ofsted tick list

    Thank you. I found it
  3. Ofsted tick list

    Where can I find the requirements to be a Good or Outstanding nursery? I have looked on Ofsted website but can't seem to find anything.?

    We are getting bored of snack time and ideas of what healthy options apart from fruit and veg we can give the children. We have breadsticks, raisins and crackers but struggle with what else we can offer. Our snack time is at 10am and 2pm ( lunch is at 12pm)
  5. Tapestry parent messages help

    Thank you for your reply. I think the safeguarding issue would be a problem so we will wait until the communication tool becomes available. Thank you once again
  6. Good morning Can some one kindly give me some advice on how I can send parents messages on Tapestry without it being an observation. For example I want to send 10 parents a message about remembering to bring their books bags in daily. I normally have to do this by tagging all the children in an observation. Thank you
  7. Is there any Tapestry training available? We would like our setting to start to use Tapestry in September but to train staff how to use in July for the two week trial.
  8. temperature of nursery

    Thank you for looking into it for me?
  9. We all love nice weather but today my nursery hall hit 30degrees!? Is there a legal temperature limit that children should be sent home. We had fans!! I will purchase a air conditioner for next term but tomorrow will be even warmer.
  10. I had planned to offer the 30 hours as: 8:30 to 15:30 with the parent collecting their child for the lunch hour or paying for the 1 hour lunch. But as the 30 hour guidance has just came out i have read this part: "Children should be able to take up their free hours as part of continuous provision and providers should avoid artificial breaks in the day wherever possible. For example, the lunch time hour/session should form part of the free provision where the child is attending a morning and afternoon session" So it says should avoid but doesnt say 'not allowed'.................... :wacko: The guidance can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/30-hours-free-childcare-la-and-early-years-provider-guide.
  11. Morning! I'm looking for a template for a EYFS Progress report that we can use in our children's Learning Journey book. Something easy reading for the parents. Thank you
  12. Employment contract

    Hiya Term time get pro-rate holiday pay.My staff work 38 weeks and get 4.6 weeks holiday pay. If you want up to date contracts, policies etc then pre-School learning alliance are excellent. You buy the file but they also send book. Membership is cheap for setting and lots of free training?
  13. This lists all the changes that have been made from page to page. ( Effective from 3rd April 2017) summary_of_eyfs_framework_changes_2017.pdf