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  1. Learning Walks

    TTS suppliers having clipboards which record what the children say as well as allowing them to record through marks. They would be great for learning walks.
  2. There a good book called little raindrop by Joanna Gray.
  3. Yes. The others in the set are also brilliant. I brought them at the Works 3 for £5 with a few other books. ' keep running Gingerbread man'- excerise 'Eat your greens Goldilocks'- healthy eating 'Give us a smile Cinderella'-cleaning your teeth. '
  4. Shakespeare week

    Good luck this is a hard task with such young children. Making a ship with shapes. Talking about being a bully-(father) Role play desert island and ship. P.E warm up (climb the rigging, scrub the decks, rocking there's a storm etc) Planning a wedding(invites etc) Talking about Italy, food tasting etc.
  5. There a lovely story called 'Blow your nose Mr Wolf' it's similar to the story of the three pigs. It explains that he huffs and puffs because he needs a tissue. It's might be a nice link and the children could help name the station, pretend to be wolf etc.