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  1. Boat dwellers and schools

    well that is not cool at all - perhaps give your LA a ring As you rightly say 'travelling families' are well catered for and I can't see the difference
  2. Which books

    Oh I forgot you Choose and Just Imagine we have quite a few from 'Barefoot Books' with CDs - The Journey Home From Grandpas, Parrot Tico Tango......a Pirate one from them can't remember the title
  3. Which books

    How lovely! One to Ten and Back again Red Rockets and Rainbow Jellies Peace at Last The Very Hungry Caterpillar (I have a huge pop up version) One Yellow Lion Oi Frog Oi Dog Lullabyhullabaloo Down by the Cool of the Pool Kippers Blue Balloon Where oh Where is Kipper's Bear One Mole Digging a Hole Dig, Dig, Digging The Tiger who came to Tea Tanka, Tanka, Skunk Just a few to be getting on with - I lurve books!
  4. Somewhere, a long time ago, possibly in a previous life.........I can remember reading how many words can be made from these letters I would really like to include this info in some bumph for parents, but can't for the life of me remember where i read it Can anyone help?
  5. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    You are smiling - excellent
  6. Hello Nest - no idea about Surrey - but Rebecca has been beavering away on this subject - try a forum search
  7. s a t p i n

    Thank you catma - you are always to be relied on for a sensible answer
  8. Phew! You two have made me very happy!
  9. Statutory fgm reporting requirements

    I got straight to it from Rebecca's link
  10. Has there been new guidance issued that I have missed? I have covered this within Designated Lead Safeguarding (deputy too) and I have undertaken online training in this I have received an email that states that all staff need to be trained.......
  11. s a t p i n

    Ah - no, thinking about it - I think it was how many cvc words could be made.......
  12. s a t p i n

    Oh I was all excited - I thought you knew the answer but that is a good idea - thanks
  13. oh bizzylizzy - you have got me thinking now.........I send my Senco to all forums and LIFT meetings.........it would be several years since she has attended formal training - worried now - will watch this with interest.......
  14. Training provider

    Ah bizzylizzy I am constantly bombarded with emails from training providers - but I'm afraid that I just delete them - have you tried LA for advice?
  15. No more Active Kids

    Thanks for the info narnia
  16. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    Sending loads of positive vibes your way
  17. Thanks for the info Rebecca
  18. Statutory fgm reporting requirements

    Completed this course - took 1.25 hours in case anyone is interested
  19. Playfoam

    Do you mean 'squirty' foam soap? If so - yes and it's great fun
  20. Glitter Ban

    Gin and Tonic cakes - obvs
  21. Glitter Ban

    Great idea - will you bring cake?
  22. Glitter Ban

    The naughty step is going to need extending at this rate
  23. Statutory fgm reporting requirements

    Rebecca many thanks for that.........
  24. Will add this to my TDL