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  1. New update ... here to help!

    Morning all, I've re-added the Paste from Word button but your browser may be set to not allow the clipboard to be used automatically. I've turned back on formatting when pasting which should fix a lot of issues. Those finding Tapestry stuff cluttering up their FSF news, I've created two new feeds: http://eyfs.info/discover/16/ - This is just for FSF forums and articles, no Tapestry information should be in there. http://eyfs.info/discover/17/ - This is just for Tapestry incase you need that stream too. You can set any stream as your default just click the tick next to its name in the header.
  2. Forum Update

    Ok, as you can tell, the forum is now upgraded. You might see the odd missing image in a post, the odd broken link, bits of weird [tag]code[/tag] or the odd missing :emoticon:. Never fear. There are tasks chugging away to fix all these, and within a few days the posts should be all back to normal. We've got a bit of tidying up to do tomorrow, but let us know what you think!
  3. Fsf Upgrade

    I'd phone Orange and check to see if your plan covers it. You should also find out what your bandwidth allowance is too.
  4. Fsf Upgrade

    Sadly it depends. Some mobile phone providers will allow it, some will not. O2 actually charge extra for this 'feature' on the iPhone. You'd also want to watch your bandwidth. Most mobile phones are only allowed somewhere between 250mb - 1GB a month and you'd easily exceed that using the normal internet.
  5. Fsf Upgrade

    I can't say that I've tried, but why not give it a go and report back on your findings? It might be best to wait until the next day for that report, though.
  6. Fsf Upgrade

    The absolute proven best way to fix all technology is to unplug it from the wall, wait 6-12 hours with an occasional glass of red wine.
  7. Fsf Upgrade

    I have fixed the issue. You shouldn't have any further problems.
  8. Fsf Upgrade

    Thanks, that helps!
  9. Fsf Upgrade

    Can you talk me through what happens? Do you get the list of topics in the 'New Content' page and then when you click on a topic title nothing happens? Does it attempt to load then time out, or does it show an error?
  10. Fsf Upgrade

    Absolutely, It's fine for me on my iPad and iPhone so it's a bit of a mystery.
  11. Fsf Upgrade

    Is this using the normal 'full' skin?
  12. Fsf Software Upgrade

    The cat is back chasing the butterfly.
  13. Fsf Software Upgrade

    Just a quick note to say that we've scooted around and fixed up a fair number of bugs this morning. Please let me know if you spot anything!
  14. Fsf Software Upgrade

    Hi all, I've been assisting Steve with the upgrade. Thankfully, it's been pretty smooth so far! If you do spot anything, please let me know. Don't worry about older posts (older than this afternoon) appearing broken. I'm running a program that is fixing those up currently. It'll take a good few more hours to finish. Thanks!