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  1. Hi I may be wrong but think currently it's every 3 years, but I have it in my head that at last training was told they were thinking of changing it to every 2 years but one day only! Please don't take this as definite, hopefully someone with a better memory will come along to confirm or put us on the right track.
  2. Yep, also did the Signs4Big Feelings, they are working really well for us.
  3. Hi Green Hippo Your post reflects pretty much how I feel about giving praise/rewards for behaviour. At the beginning it took a real effort not to hand out an empty well done. I have recently done the Signs for Feelings training and at our setting it certainly has focused us all on responding consistently and with more meaning. If it's not something you've looked into it might be worth investigating. It has helped with all children, including SEND. Look forward to following post for more ideas. Smudge65
  4. SEND assessment system

    Hi This looks great. Hope this isn't a daft question but is it possible to add the SEND assessments to individual children only. If I change the settings on our account it will add the SEND statements to all journals? Donna
  5. What to do?

    Just wondering if he is a young 3, he may not be ready for group time yet!
  6. Acting manager

    Hi Whilst I covered when Manager left I was paid her rate, and a member of staff who covered my Deputy role was paid at my old rate. As others have said not only are you doing the role and taking on the responsibility, you are stepping up to help them out.
  7. Manager appraisal help please

    I'm impressed you're asking the staff for their comments. Our Manager has their appraisal with the Committee Chairperson, the Chair is never present in the setting and so just accepts the Manager's comments!