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    Early Years educator Ann-Maire Piper reflects on using open-ended play to cultivate curiosity in young children. 
    Early Years educator Richard Waite looks back on a long - and ongoing - career in the early years. 
    Early years educator Sarah Holmes reflects on how we can use 'third spaces' to rethink home visits.
    Emma Davis reflects on why offering 'challenge' to children in the early years is so important, and what educators need to consider to support this. 
    Maths consultant Sharon Day begins a three part series on Maths in the early years.
    In part two of Sharon Day's maths series, we look at maths for 2 to 4 years olds, and the concepts of subitising and conserving. 
    In the final part of her series on Maths, Sharon Day explores how to support children aged 4-5 years old in all areas of your provision. 
    Early Years Educator Richard Waite shares his passion for helping us all to understand the importance of sharing technology with young children. 
    Author, researcher and educator Suma Din shares the narratives of educators and mothers about their experience of community based support. 
    Preschool Manager and qualified Early Years Teacher Emma Davis invites us to share in awe and wonder. 
    Early Years Practitioner and Tiney home nursery leader, Alicia Wilkins, shares her experience of looking for a school for her son, with advice for families and reminding early years educators of all the emotions that parents/carers feel.
    Caroline Vollans takes a closer look at the work of one early years centre and its connection within the local community, reminding us of the far reaching importance of all early years settings.
    This month we revisit an article by Early Years Practitioner and Tiney home nursery leader, Alicia Wilkins, which asks us to reflect on the diversity and representation that must be embedded in our practice every moment of every day. 
    In the final part of a series about intergenerational learning and care, Caroline Vollans learns about an intergenerational setting in the North West. 
    Developmental play expert Carly Budd explains the importance of play for babies' brain development. 
    Caroline Vollans finds out more about the first Intergenerational Nursery in the UK. 
    Education Consultant Sejal Payne reflects on how we can support our young learners of EAL. 
    In the first of a 3 part series about intergenerational learning and care, Caroline Vollans tells us about the benefits for the oldest and youngest generations offered through The Together Project. 
    Independent Education Consultant Sejal Payne helps us take a closer look at oracy, why it is so important, and how it links to literacy. 
    As we approach the end of the school year, when some staff may be moving to new classes and stages, we return to an article by Teacher Varinder Kaur Johal on moving between early years and key stage. 
    Ann Lowe, Early Years Inclusion Officer with Doncaster EY Service, shares the reflective journey that led to the Reflection Toolkit, designed to support educators to consider their provision for children with learning differences.
    Early Years consultant Anneka Russell reflects on the hugely important role played by 'pack-away' nurseries in their communities. 
    Caroline Vollans interviews play specialist Tim Gill. 
    Adam Vasco, who leads the 3-7 Early Years Post Graduate Route at Liverpool John Moores University, reflects on the learning and unlearning that needs to happen to decolonise and diversify our education spaces and curriculums.   
    Early years consultant and author, Linda Pound, explores Cognitive Load Theory and how to support young children's Mathematical development.