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    Alicia Wilkins, a mother who has also been a teacher and a home nursery educator, shares her reflections on the transition from home to early years setting for a parent/carer. 
    Senior Lecturer Jayne Garcia looks at some of the theory related to transition between home and early years setting, and shares advice on how to make sure your setting is ready for each child.
    Early years educator and academic Clarissa Frigerio reflects on her research about the life experiences of men in early years education. 
    Caroline Vollans finds out more about the Stronger Practice Hubs that are being formed with the aim of supporting evidence based professional development and to share good practice. 
    Speech and Language Therapist Ruth Jones reflects on how we must sit with our own sense of vulnerability while we learn, adapt and grow, in order to be able to support the Neurodivergent children in our early years settings. 
    Additional Needs Advisor Stephen Kilgour reflects on the language we use when we talk about children with additional needs. 
    Dr Stella Louis and Hannah Betteridge examine the unconscious biases that impact on the Observe, Assess and Plan process and the vital ongoing work of reflecting on our views, attitudes and beliefs.   
    Jamel Carly-Campbell reflects on how we can stay motivated, be mindful of our wellbeing and continue to find and follow our career pathways, especially in the middle of a global pandemic.    
    Dr Lala Manners explains some of the essential body systems, what to look out for in children who may not be experiencing enough physical activity, and how to support them. 
    Leslie Patterson examines the power of 'labels' and the need to find positive language to talk about our young learners. 
    SEND Advisor Stephen Kilgour shares the Play Development Branch Map he has designed to inform practitioners about the stages of play in a typically developing child. 
    Early Years consultant, trainer and author Jenny Barber advises on where settings can focus their training as we learn to live and work with children in a 'new normal'. 
    Dr Rebecca Webb and Kathy Foster, 'teacher' and 'student' respectively on a Masters in Early Years Education course, write about their shared experiences of using the Scrapbook Approach to reflect on uncertainty and 'not-knowing' to inform educatio…
    Stephen Kilgour, our SEND Advisor, takes a closer look at this simple but effective way to support the developing communication skills of children with complex additional support needs. This is the first article in a series on pre - verbal communic…
    On Friday 10th January, Ben traveled up to Stratford to attend the Newham Early Years conference, which is now in its 5th year! Here are his notes from the event. 
    Dr Lucretia Carter Berry explores the transformative power of employing positive, affirming words when engaging in anti-racism education with young children. 
    Sarah Ottewell describes her setting's journey to becoming a Nursery of Sanctuary. 
    We all know the feeling when the Ofsted call comes. Here, childminder Tania Lancaster describes her own experience of a recent Ofsted Inspection. 
    We were very happy to have Beatrice Merrick, Chief Executive of Early Education, give a Keynote speech at our second Tapestry Education Conference in November. Jack has written this summary of her talk, followed by a link so you can also watch Bea…
    We were delighted to welcome Nancy Stewart, early years teacher, consultant and trainer, to give one of the Keynote talks at TEC 2.  Read Ben's summary of her talk and watch it from the link provided. 
    Our SEND Advisor and Outreach Teacher, Stephen Kilgour, was invited to take part in a panel to select books for children with additional needs for the wonderful BookTrust. The experience prompted him to think further about how publishers could make…
    As part of our second Tapestry Education Conference (TEC 2) held in November 2019, we hosted three table-top discussions. We were joined by members of the Tapestry team to record each discussion. Here, Tapestry’s Olaya introduces us to the workshop…
    At our second Tapestry Education Conference (TEC 2) in November 2019 we held three table-top discussions led by members of the Early Years community. The theme was Reflecting on Curriculum Changes and we were joined by colleagues from the Tapestry …
    We held our second Tapestry Education Conference (TEC 2) in November 2019 with a focus on Changes in the Early Years Curriculum. The afternoon consisted of three table-top discussions led by members of the Early Years community, and for these we we…
    Rebecca Swindells is owner and manager of Blue Door Nursery. Here she explains how staff at Blue Door put themselves in the families’ shoes as they welcome new babies to their setting.