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    Childminder Doreen Barton describes a typical day full of adventure and love with the children she cares for. 
    Lecturer, ex-preschool manager and early years teacher Emma Davis takes a closer look at what wellbeing can mean for our early years teams, and how supporting wellbeing can be embedded in the ethos of our settings. 
    In this article, Caroline Vollans hears from voices in the sector about the exclusion of our youngest children. 
    Preschool Manager and qualified Early Years Teacher Emma Davis reflects on the role of the leader in early years and some of the pressures that come with it. 
    Nathan Archer, Director of the International Montessori Institute at Leeds Beckett University, describes 5 clear arguments against the current suggestions to relax ratios for the early years sector. 
    Early Years leader Adam Marycz reflects on the leadership role in an early years setting. 
    Early Years manager, Adam Marycz, completes this set of three reflective articles on how and why we document observations based on exploring his own practice and provision, in Part 3 of this mini-series. 
    Early Years manager, Adam Marycz, continues his reflections on how and why we document observations based on exploring his own practice and provision, in Part 2 of this mini-series. 
    Early Years setting manager, Adam Marycz, reflects how and why we document observations in this 3 part mini-series. 
    Early years consultant, Jo Caswell, looks at the need for reflective leadership as children return to settings and schools. 
    Early Years Consultant, Trainer and LA Advisor Ruth Swailes shares how the changes to the EYFS offer educators the opportunity to reflect on their vision and practice for the children in their care. 
    Rebecca tells us about more about her inspection experience under the new inspection framework, which took place earlier this year before the pandemic. This is well worth a read if you are wondering what the inspection process will look like in the…
    Helen Moylett, early years consultant and writer, reflects on whether the rights of young children to be nurtured as well as educated are being protected during this pandemic. 
    We examine and reflect on the latest announcements on funding for Early Years providers.  
    Stephen Kilgour, our SEND Advisor and SEND outreach worker, asks some urgent questions seeking clarity about schooling for vulnerable children and those with an EHCP after school closures are announced as part of measures to cope with the Coronavir…
    https://eyfs.info/articles.html/leadership-and-management/preparing-your-team-for-an-ofsted-inspection-part-2-r331/Rebecca Swindells talks us through how she prepared her team for Ofsted. 
    As professionals we all need to demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development. Jenny Barber discusses the different ways settings can do this, even if they are working with a tight budget. 
    In the second of two articles about nurturing practitioner well-being, Emma Cook discusses how she continues to build team cohesion and well-being at her setting. 
    More than ever, it is important for leaders in the early years sector to discover ways in which team cohesion and well-being can be supported and sustained. Emma Cook, from One World Nursery in Brighton, explores this in the first of two articles. …
    If you don’t have one of those big personalities that can enthuse and amuse, do you end up feeling rather inadequate compared to that “inspiring” conference speaker or trainer? I do.
    Caroline Vollan's reconnects with Sue Egersdorff and Liz Ludden, a year after writing about their intergenerational nursery in the Northwest. 
    Partnerships with parents remains high on the agenda for inspections.
    Behaviour and attitudes are given their own judgement in the new inspection framework, showing an increased focus on this aspect of early years provision.
    100 Ofsted reports studied, and we can clearly see that high on the inspection agenda is supporting professional development and making sure your staff's well-being is a priority. 
    A well-planned EYFS curriculum, with stimulating content increasing in complexity and challenge, is required. What does this mean for the inspection day?