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Booking: Setting a regular schedule for a child


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When a child attends your setting with a regular schedule, you can create this in the booking system so that it repeats without having to enter it each week. 

To enter a regular schedule, you will first need to go to your Booking tab (1), select Children (2) from the left-hand menu, and select the child you want to create a regular schedule for from the list (3). 

Once you have selected the child you will be taken to the child's dashboard. If the child has an existing schedule you will see this in 'Regular Schedule' section of their dashboard (4). Click '+ New Schedule' to create a new one for them (5). 

You can also do this from the 'Regular Schedule' tab (6). 





If you do this from the Regular Schedule tab (1), you will be able to see any past, current and future Schedules (2). Again, click on the '+New Schedule' button to add a regular schedule for a child (3).




When you begin creating a new regular schedule, you can enter the start date for this schedule (1) and if it is just for a set period of time, you can also enter the end date (2). If no date is entered for the end date, the schedule will continue to repeat until you end it.

If the child attends the setting all year round, including during any school holidays added during the set up, you can tick the "Attends During School Holidays" box (3) so that they still show as attending during any holidays.

If you offer funded hours for this child, you can select the appropriate funding type from the 'Funding' drop-down (4). You can read about how to set up funding types on Tapestry here

You won't be able to add any sessions to a child's regular schedule until you select a start date for it (5). 




Next, you can add any sessions the child attends for each day by pressing the 'Add Bookings' button (1) and selecting a session from the drop-down (2). The start and end time boxes will automatically be filled in with the sessions start and end time (3). You can override/edit the times for that session if you would like, but please be aware, doing so will only show the child as having attended that session, so if you charge per session, the child will be billed at only that session's rate.

Next to the start and end time boxes you can add how many hours of this session are funded for this child (4). Changing the number of funded hours will change the number of unfunded hours for this session (5) and also the price (6). The price is calculated as the number of unfunded hours X hourly rate. If you wish to show the funded hours as a decimal rather than in hours and/or minutes, you can select the 'Show funding as a decimal' box (7). To delete a session at any point, just click on the bin icon (8).

You can add as many sessions per day as required as long as there are no overlaps/conflicts. This tutorial explains how to set up your sessions and add pricing for them.




As well as adding sessions to a child's regular schedule, you can also add extra charges (1). Once you select the extra charge from the drop down (2) you can change the quantity (3) and see the price reflect this (4). Again, you can add as many different extra charges as required, and can delete any if needed (5). 

Please note that you will need to set up extra charges through your booking configuration before they will be available here for selection. If you've not done that already, this tutorial will show you how.




Finally, at the bottom you will see a summary for the week which shows: the total number of hours a child is attending in the week (1), total number of funded and chargeable hours (2), and the total cost for the week (3) which includes sessions and extra charges. 

When you are done, click 'Save Schedule' at the bottom (4). If there are any clashes with other schedules or extra bookings, you will not be able to save the schedule until you have resolved the clash. 






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