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Booking: Setting a regular schedule for a child


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When a child attends with a regular schedule, you can create this in the booking system so that it repeats without having to enter it each week. 

To enter a regular schedule, you will first need to go to your Booking tab (1), select Children (2) from the left-hand menu, and locate the child you want to create regular schedule for from the list below on the left (3). 




Once you have selected the child you will be taken to the child's dashboard. This will show you any schedules already set up for the child (1), as well as any extra bookings or planned absences (2). To add a new schedule you can go to the Regular Schedule tab (3) or directly to add a new schedule (4). 

You can view the child's individual calendar for each day of the week (5), or change this to a monthly view (6). Along the top it also gives information about the child, including their current age in years and months (7), and the room that the child is allocated to (8). 




From the Regular Schedule tab, you will be able to see any Past Schedules (1), the Current Schedule (2) and any Future Schedules (3). You can add a new schedule, either current, past or future, by selecting New Schedule (4).




When you begin creating a new regular schedule, you can enter the start date for this schedule (1) and if it is just for a set period of time, you can also enter the end date (2). If no date is entered for the end date, the schedule will continue to repeat until you end it. If the child attends the setting all year round, including during any school holidays that you may have added previously during the set up, you can toggle the "Attends During School Holidays" (3) so that they still show as attending during any holidays.

Next, you can select any sessions (4) you want the child to show as attending for each day. You can add as many sessions per day as required as long as there are no overlaps/conflicts. You can override/edit the times for that session if you would like, but please be aware, doing so will only show the child as having attended that session, so will be billed at that session's rate once the invoicing part of bookings is released. 




Once you have added all the sessions for each day as required, remember to save the schedule (5). 

If there are any clashes with other schedules or extra bookings, you will not be able to save the schedule until you have resolved the clash. 



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