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Booking: How to set up your sessions


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When setting up your sessions within Booking, we recommend considering how they will work when generating invoices through your account. You can see how generating an invoice on Tapestry works by taking a look at this tutorial. Alternatively, if you use a different billing system, you can export your data as a CSV file which you can then use in conjunction with your own system. See this tutorial for more information on exporting data from Booking. 

For most settings, adding their sessions to Tapestry to match their actual sessions will be the best option. For example, if you have 3 sessions (morning, afternoon and full day), you would set up 3 sessions on Tapestry and give these the same name.


Now let's look at how to set these up on your Tapestry account. 


To start with you'll need to click on the 'Booking' tab at the top of the page. This will be on by default, but if it has been turned off for your account, you can always turn it on again from the Features page in the Control Panel. 




If this is your first time accessing Booking, you'll be taken to a set up page where you will need to complete some initial actions before being able to use the booking system.

Here you can see the option to add sessions is third in the list. Click on it to proceed with adding your sessions. For more information on how to configure the rest of Booking on your account, take a look at this tutorial.



Once on the Sessions page, if you have not added any sessions yet you'll get a note informing you of this (1). Click on either of the 'Add Session' buttons to proceed (2). 




If the set up process has already been completed on your account and you need to change the sessions that have already been added, you'll need to select 'Config' from the left-hand menu (1) and then 'Sessions' (2). 

If you already have sessions set up you'll see these listed below (3). To add a new session you just need to click on the 'Add Session' button (4).




Once you have selected this option you'll be presented with a pop-up box. On there you'll need to provide a name for the session (1) and you can optionally add a description for it (2). 

Next you can set the default session start and end times (3) and you can choose whether the status of the session is active or inactive (4). You won't be able to assign an inactive session to a child so we recommend just using this feature to make a previously used session type inactive or to add a new session type you haven't started using yet.

Then at the bottom you can add your pricing for the session. Click on the 'Add Pricing' button to input this information (5).




After clicking on the 'Add Pricing' button, you will see some more options appear. 

Depending on your pricing structure, you can select either to base your pricing for this session for the whole session or per hour (1) and you can also select whether your pricing differs based on children's ages (2). 




If you tick the option 'Price by Child Age' (1), you will see this changes the price box and two additional boxes appear. The pricing options you now see are for: 0-2 Years (2), 2 Years (3) and 3+ Years (4). 




Once you have entered your pricing (1), just click 'Save' at the bottom (2). 




If you are editing a session you've already created, you will see your current prices at the bottom (1). If you change your prices, you can add a price change by clicking on the '+ Add Price Change' button (2). You can also delete your current prices or a price change by using the bin icon (3). 

Once you are done editing, hit 'Save' at the bottom (4).




You'll now see your new session in the list (1) - unless you added it as inactive in which case you'll need to turn the 'show inactive sessions' toggle on (2). 

Repeat this process to add all your sessions to Tapestry.

If you need to make any changes to a session once it is set up you'll just need to click on the 'Edit' button at the end of the row of the session you want to make changes for (3). 

If you have added prices for a session you will also see a cash icon next to the edit button (4). Clicking on this will bring a pop-up box which shows details of the pricing you have in place for that session.





So that's how to set up sessions on your account. For information on how to configure the rest of the booking system on your account, have a read of this tutorial.



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