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Pre-Key Stage 1/2 Statements Screens


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On Tapestry you can track Pre-Key Stage 1/2 assessments through the Statements screens. You can do this for individual children or for groups of children - I'll go through both in this tutorial. 

To access both screens you just need to click on the 'Tracking' tab at the top of the screen (1), select 'PKS1/2' from the frameworks menu (2) and then choose either the 'Individual View' or 'Group View' buttons in the 'Statements' section (3).

I'm going to start by looking at the Individual View. To skip to the section on the Group View, click here.





Individual View Statements Screen

Once on this page you will need to choose a period of time (1), child (2) and area (3) to view. You can also decide whether you want to include unapproved observations (4). 




After choosing from the above options you will then see a chart broken down by each aspect (1) and the standards for this (2), depending on the area you have chosen to view.

For each individual statement you can then see how many times it has been observed (3) and the last time it was observed (4). Any statements that haven't been observed will show as pink (5). 

To export this screen you just need to click on either the 'CSV' or 'PDF' buttons (6). 




If you click on the number of assessments for a statement that has been assessed a pop-up will appear where you can see the actual contributing observations. 





Group View Statement Screen

You can access the group view from either the Tracking tab (following my earlier instructions) or if you are already on the Individual View screen, you just need to click on the 'Group' tab at the top.




On the Group View screen you can choose a period of time (1), assessment area (2), whether you want assessments from unapproved observations to contribute (3) and finally you can narrow this down for a specific group of children from the 'Children' filters (4). 




This chart will also be broken up by each aspect (1) and standard within this (2). For each statement you can see how many times it has been assessed for each child (3) and if it hasn't been assessed it will show as pink and will say '0' (4). 

Remember, you can export this screen from the 'CSV' and 'PDF' buttons (5). 




Clicking on the number of assessments for a child will bring up the pop-up showing you any contributing observations. 




So, those are the Pre-Key Stage 1/2 Statement screens on Tapestry. I hope you found this tutorial helpful! 




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