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Setting up the Documents Feature


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This tutorial will talk you through how to set up the Documents feature on Tapestry. I’ll explain how to enable it and how to set user permissions for it.

The Documents feature will allow you to upload documents to your Tapestry account and share these with staff and relatives. This feature will help you manage your time efficiently, as you no longer will need to spend time providing documents to relatives, and relatives will have an area to refer to when in search of documents, such as security policies.

By default, this feature will be enabled in your account. But if you have previously disabled the feature, you can enable it again at any point. For this, you'll need to click on your profile's drop down-menu (1) > Control Panel (2) > Features (3) > and then click on 'enable' by Documents (4).





Once you click on the 'Enable' button, you'll see a button appear which says 'Staff Permissions'. Clicking on this will lead to the User Permissions section for Documents. 




After clicking on this button, on the User Permissions Staff page you will see the permission for Documents already open and highlighted in a blue box (1).

You can also get to this by clicking on the 'User Permissions' on the left-hand menu (2) and then selecting the 'Documents' section (3). To change this permission, you just need to click on the 'Edit' button (4). 





Once you've clicked on 'Edit' button, you will be presented with a pop-up box. Here you can choose the default permission as to whether your staff members have permission to manage documents, which includes editing, moving and deleting files and documents (1).

If you select the option 'Set different permissions for some users' (2) this will bring up a list of all your staff. If you only want to show active members of staff, you can untick 'Show users that are not currently active' (3). Now you can choose whether you want to set a different permission for staff (4). When you're done, remember to click 'Save' (5). 

You can learn more about user permissions here.




If you set up different permissions for some members of staff, this will be shown underneath with what their permission is and the names of staff that have this permission. 




Once you have enabled it, you will see Documents appear on the top blue bar menu. If you need to disable it, come back to the 'Features' section and click on 'disable'.




So, this is how you set up the Documents feature. To learn more about how to use it, please navigate to the Using the Documents Feature tutorial.



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