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Setting User Permissions for Staff


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The user permissions on Tapestry are how you can set what staff can see and do on your account. 

Before you set these, you will firstly need to add staff to your Tapestry account. Once you do this you will then able to set permissions to either apply to all staff or you can set different permissions for individual staff members.

To add staff members to your Tapestry account you can use the links below:

Adding Staff to Tapestry

Creating a CSV file

Adding Staff via a CSV file


To then set up permissions you will need to go to the Control Panel by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and selecting ‘Control Panel’ from the drop-down menu (2).


name, control panel.png


You’ll then need to select ‘User Permissions’ from the left-hand side menu (1) and make sure you are on the 'Staff' tab (2). You'll then need to select the heading for the type of permission you want to change (3). 





After selecting a heading this will bring up a collapsible list where you can see for each permission, whether it is currently set to permitted or not permitted (1)

To change a permission for staff, you just need to click on the 'Edit' button (2).

Please note that you cannot change the permission for managers as they are always 'Permitted' to perform any of these actions.





After clicking on the 'Edit' button you will be presented with a pop-up box, at the top of this you will see the name of the permission you are editing/amending (1). In this case it is for staff to have the ability/not have the ability to 'Approve observations created by other staff'. Underneath this you can set the 'default' permission for all staff as either 'permitted' or 'not permitted' (2). This means that the option you select here will be applied to all staff on your account.

By selecting 'Set different permissions for different users' (3) you will be able to specifically pick and choose who is permitted to carry out this action and who is not permitted. You can also choose to have staff members that are not currently active showing in the list (4). 

You can see from the screenshot below that the staff members 'Ben Pin' and 'Jack Thomas' have been 'permitted' to approve other staff's observations (5). All other staff members have been left with the default permission, which is 'not permitted' (6).

Once you have amended your permissions for staff, click 'Save' (7).


staff permissions 2.png


Once you save your amendments you will then be able to see your default setting for that permissions (1), so permitted or not permitted, and any other individual members of staff that have a different permission set (2). 


staff permissions 3.png


Staff being able to approve their own observations is just one example of the permissions you can set up for staff from here. I would recommend taking a look at the rest to see how you want to have these set up on your account! 


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