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Adding staff members in bulk via CSV file


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It's possible to add staff in bulk by means of importing a CSV file (a type of excel spreadsheet) into Tapestry. This allows for a quick and easy way for staff to be added in bulk.

If you would like to know how to create a CSV file (this is a form of spreadsheet), then you may refer to this tutorial on how to create one, including which details will need to be included for the staff members.

Once you have a CSV file with Tapestry's specifications you will be able to import the file into your account. To do this you will need to go to the Manage Staff page on the Control Panel. To do this you will need to click on your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and from the drop-down menu, select 'Control Panel' (2). Once on there you will need to select the 'Manage Staff' (3) tab from the left-hand menu.




Once on the Manage Staff page you will need to scroll to the bottom and in the box where it says 'Import Staff' you will need to click on the 'Choose File' button (1). This will open your file explorer where you will be able to select the appropriate file you wish to import. Once selected, you’ll then need to click on the ‘Upload’ button (2).




This will then take you to the following page and the first step of importing the staff:


Import Staff Step One

You will need to ensure that the 'Input Name' in box (1) and the 'Tapestry Name' in box (2) match up. Note the that 'Input Name' field are your CSV column names. You’ll be able to use the drop-down menu to change the fields accordingly. Once you have done this, and as long as you want to continue with the import, you may then click on (3) to go to the 'Next Step'.




Import Staff Step Two

Similar to step one, you will need to make sure that the input wording (1) for each staff type (learn about the three types of staff members here) match up with the Tapestry value (2). You can amend it if necessary from the drop down menus. Click on 'next step' (3) when ready to continue. 




Import Staff Step Three

This step allows you to choose which users you'd like to import. You can either tick the box to select all users (1) or select specific users (2). (3) Allows you to check that the input data is correct, and, once happy, you can click on 'import selected' (4) to add the staff members to the account. 




Import Staff Step Four

This step will allow you to choose which way you'd like to activate your manager and full staff members. 

(1) These are the users that you will be selecting the activation method for. Remember that I only chose to import Elliott, Jessica and Liam on step three!

(2) allows you to choose a specific way of activating their account. This will be applicable to all the users in (1). We generally recommend sending activation emails as this is done automatically and you do not have to worry about exporting additional documents to forward to users.

Activate by email: this will issue a new activation email that will be automatically send to the user's email address. Any new activation emails will invalidate any still valid activation links. It is also possible that this ends up in the spam/junk mail folder, so please do let the user know you have issued an activation email for them.

Generate activation links: this option will produce a URL for you to then forward to the user. By visiting that URL, the user will be able to create a password and activate their account. 

Generate random passwords and PINs: you are also able to activate their account straight away by setting them up with a random password and PIN number. Please note that the user will not receive a confirmation email if you decide to activate their account this way. You'd have to either send them their password, or let them know that their account is now active and they can request a reset password email by clicking on 'having trouble logging in?' on www.tapestryjournal.com to gain access to their account. 

If you choose to 'generate activation links' or 'generate random passwords and PINs' you will need to save a copy of these, as once as you have moved on from this page you will not be able to get them back. 

Click 'finish' (3) when ready. 

You should only click on 'Finish' on this page, if you are absolutely sure that you have completed the tasks you wish to complete. If you click 'Finish' and you haven't activated their accounts, fixed duplicate accounts or dealt with unsubscribed staff, you will need to carry out these actions separately via the manage staff section of the control panel. You can learn more about fixing duplicate accounts and dealing with unsubscribed staff here and here respectively.




Just so you can see it, if I had chosen to include PIN only and the Manager user, step four would have looked like this:




If you would like to add profile pictures for the staff members you have added you can do so by clicking 'Update Profile Pictures' on the Manage Staff screen.




This will then take you to a page with rows of the staff members' names and pictures. To add a profile picture to a staff members account you will just need to click 'Add Picture' and select a photo from your computer.







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