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Resubscribing Unsubscribed Users


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Every Tapestry activation, password reset and notification email has an 'unsubscribe' option; this was designed for situations where a user has been added with the incorrect email (A). When a user unsubscribes from Tapestry their email address is blacklisted and their access to the account is blocked.

If a user simply wants to change their email preferences so they receive fewer, or no notification emails, they should click on the link labelled by arrow B in the screenshot below. 




Clicking on the link after it says 'Do you think you've been set up on Tapestry by mistake?' (A in the screenshot above) will take you to the following screen:




Sometimes the wrong person is added to Tapestry by mistake and by unsubscribing they avoid receiving more emails from an unknown source. This also prevents them from accessing data they shouldn't be able to see. 

Other times, however, genuine users might click on the unsubscribe button by mistake! When this happens, only a manager in the account would be able to fix this for them and grant them access to the account again. 

If you are the only manager in your account and have unsubscribed by accident, please get in touch with us on customer.service@eyfs.info

If a staff member or relative lets you know that they have unsubscribed from Tapestry by mistake you can fix this very quickly. First of all, you will have to find their profile. All unsubscribed users are also made inactive, so the quickest way to find them is by going to control panel > manage relatives/staff > filter & sort relatives/staff > and changing the 'status' to 'inactive'. You will then be able to use the search bar to type their name in if necessary.





To start the resubscription process click on the cog by their name and select 'resubscribe'. 





You will then be taken to a screen that explains what has happened and how to proceed from there:




(1) indicates which user is currently unsubscribed.

(2) explains why the user is now unsubscribed.

(3) states when and what happened exactly that triggered the unsubscription. 

(4) notes how you should proceed to start with. If you weren't approached by a user letting you know of the event, you might want to talk to them first; maybe they were added under someone else's email address. Once you know what has happened, you will have a clearer idea of how to proceed: 

  1. Change email address (1). You will need to change the email address if this is not the correct address for that user. You will also need to select the confirmation statement (2) once the email has been changed.
  2. Not change email address and simply send a resubscription email to the correct address for when the user has unsubscribed my mistake. 

(5) once ready to send the resubscription email you will need to click on this button. 




The unsubscribed user will then receive a resubscription email - which might end up in their spam/junk mail folder - with a link to resubscribe their address back to Tapestry and be able to log back in.



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