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Fixing Duplicate Accounts


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Sometimes when you're adding users to Tapestry or receiving child transfers and the relatives are included in the transfer, you may end up with users who have two or more accounts on Tapestry which are registered with the same email; this causes what we call 'Duplicate Accounts'.

Duplicate accounts can be caused in two different ways’, either when adding a user via a CSV file or when receiving a relative that has already been set up in your account through a transfer. You wouldn't be able to create a duplicate by adding the same user twice individually, as the system would not allow you to proceed with this.

To skip to a relevant section of this tutorial please use the links below.

                    1. Duplicates from CSV files

                              a. Fixing CSV created duplicates when the account types are different

                              b. Fixing CSV created duplicates when the account types are the same

                    2. Duplicates from Transfers

We'll start by looking at how you can fix duplicate accounts from CSV files you have uploaded.


Duplicates from CSV files

I will be looking into two examples: when the duplicate happens between different account types and for the same account types. We'll look at what happens when the account types are different first. To skip to the section on fixing duplicates when the account types are the same, click here.


Fixing CSV created duplicates when the account types are different:

For the purpose of this tutorial, and to show you how this would look like, I have started a CSV import to add relatives in bulk to my account. One of my staff members is already set up on my account, linked with the email address I am trying to add them with as relatives. 



If still I select this user and proceed with the import, on step four I will be presented with the following note:



As you can see, I am given three options: merging accounts, deleting one of the accounts or changing one of the email addresses. Let's explore this by clicking on 'fix this'.


The blue box gives you a brief explanation of what has happened and how you can proceed from there. 

The 'keep this account' (1) and 'merge these account into the kept account' (2) will only be applicable when the duplicate has happened for the same user type, i.e. two staff accounts or two relative accounts. In this particular case these options are not applicable as the duplicate has happened between a relative and a staff account. We will look into the merging of two of the same type accounts further down this tutorial. 

(3) gives the option to delete one of the accounts. If you'd like to keep the parent account but delete the 'staff' one, you can simply click on 'change actions' by each profile and select your action of choice. Select 'keep' for the relative account and 'delete' by the staff account.



You can also use the 'change email address' option to amend the email address to something that has not been used yet. If the user has a second email address, you can change it to that!

In this case, I want the staff member to use their official setting address when logging in as a staff member, so I will change the relative address to their personal one. 


This will fix the duplicate immediately!

(4) The do nothing accounts are those that can't be merged with other accounts.  This might be because it's your own account, or an account of a different type (staff accounts cannot be merged with relative accounts). You will either need to change the email address of these accounts or delete them. This option will not display when the duplicate is between accounts of the same nature. 


Fixing CSV created duplicates when the account types are the same:

In these cases you will be able to merge the two accounts together. You will have to choose one account to keep - presumably the one that has more data link to it -, and which one you will be merging into the first one. 

You will be able to do so by clicking on 'change action'.



This action will move the account I want to keep to the 'keep action' box, and I will then be able to select the second account for merging.



Once happy with the account you will be keeping and the one that will be merged into the first one, click on 'take actions'.



If you do not wish to merge the accounts you will be able to delete one of them, or simply change the email address as we explained when covering the case right before this one!

The most important thing is that before committing to anything, you have moved each account to the box corresponding to the option you'd like to go for. You can change the email address in any box, and this will fix the duplicate immediately. 


Duplicates from Transfers

It might be the case that you have added a relative to your account and then a setting transfers this relative's child's profile into yours, transferring the relative alongside the child. You will end up with two relative accounts: the one you added and the 'not activated' transferred version.

You can search for duplicate accounts by using the corresponding filter. 

You'll need to navigate to control panel > manage relatives > filter & sort relatives > 'and in the 'duplicate' field choose 'with duplicates'. 



As you can see, Chris Smith is showing up as a duplicated relative. By clicking on the 'duplicate' red tab you will be displayed with the message in the screenshot:



To fix the duplicate you can either click on 'more information' on the pop up message, or click on the cog by either of Chris' profiles and select 'fix duplication':



This will take you to a screen you are probably familiar with by now! The main difference is that whichever account you selected the fix for will automatically feature as the account to keep, but remember that this can be changed by clicking on 'change action'.



Again, do bear in mind that if you do want to merge the two profiles, you will have to change the action for the one that is under 'delete this accounts' to either 'keep' or 'merge'. Once you are happy with the account that will be kept and the one that will be merged, then click on 'take actions'. 

We appreciate that the fixing duplicates process can be a bit confusing to start with, but you will encounter this very rarely. If still you have more doubts about it, do not hesitate to contact us on customer.service@eyfs.info.


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