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How to Delete Folders and Files from the Documents Feature


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Once you have created folders and uploaded files (you can learn all about this here), you might need to delete either of these eventually. 

Please note that whilst it is possible to delete files both individually or in bulk, you can only delete folders one at a time. We will look into all of these options.

Do also bear in mind that, by default, all staff members will be able to move, edit and delete documents. If you prefer your staff members not to be able to delete documents, you can change the permissions as explained in this tutorial here.

We'll start by looking at deleting files and folders one at a time. To skip to the section on deleting files in bulk, click here.


Deleting folders and files one at a time

You can 'delete' a folder by clicking on the cog (1) by their title and selecting 'delete' (2).




If the folder you wish to delete contains any documents, the system will ask you whether you wish to also erase the documents or move them to a different folder (1). If the latter, you will need to choose which of the existing folders you want the documents transferred to (2). Do bear in mind that this will send all the documents in the folder about to be deleted to a new folder, you will not be able to pick and choose where to send them here. We look into how to move files between folders in the 'How to use the Documents feature' tutorial. 




You can then 'confirm deletion' (3) or press 'cancel' (4) to cancel the action. You can also cancel by clicking outside the box.

You can delete an individual file by clicking on the cog (1) by the file you wish to erase and selecting the corresponding option (2).




The system will always double check with you whether you want to delete a file:




Deleting files in bulk

You can delete all of the files within a folder or pick and choose which ones you wish to erase. If you need to delete documents from an specific folder, then you can navigate to the corresponding folder by selecting on the left-hand side folder list (1), but if you wish to delete various documents from across different folders, you will need to be in the 'all folders' (2) view.




The 'select' button will allow you to select all (1) the files you are seeing in bulk to then delete them (2).




You can also manually select the files you want to delete by ticking the boxes by each file (1). This allows you to only select some files. You might see a blue number (2) appear next to your folder titles. This indicates the number of files that you have selected from each folder if you are in the 'All Files' view. In this case, I have selected 2 files hosted in the Health & Safety Documents folder. You can then delete them (3).




Rest assured that, as I mentioned above, the system will always double check with you whether you wish to proceed with the deletion or not.


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