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This is a quick tutorial to show you the 'All About Me' feature on Tapestry. It allows you or a child's relatives to fill in a few personal details about them.

One of the advantages of the About Me page is that it can be filled in for children that are currently enrolling. This means that when you first add children that you don't want to activate quite yet in preparation for the new academic year, if permitted, their relatives will be able to start filling in the About Me page. This will give relatives some time to familiarise with Tapestry before their children start with you, and will also give you the chance to start getting to know the children a bit better before they join you at your setting. 

To skip to a relevant section of this tutorial, please use the links below:

  1. Viewing and editing a Child's About Me
  2. Setting permissions for relatives
  3. Customising the About Me page


We'll start by looking at how you can view and edit a child's About Me page.

Viewing and editing a Child's About Me

To find a child's About Me page click on the 'Children' tab at the top of the screen (1) and click on the child's name you want to see/edit the About Me for (2). Then from the drop-down list, select 'About Me' (3). 



Note that this screen will only show you your active children. If you wish to find the About Me section for enrolling children you will need to use the filter & sort bar (1) and then filter the 'status' by 'enrolling' (2) and submit (3) the specifications.






Once you have clicked on a child's About Me section you will be taken to the page shown below. From here you will be able to edit the child's About Me (1), view the history of the child's About Me (2) and export a PDF copy of the document (3).




Selecting to edit a child's About Me will allow you to choose which questions are relevant to this child. If you don't want to include them, simply remove the tick from the check box on the same line (1). If you want to be the one to answer a question then you can do so by typing in the text box (2). Please remember to scroll to the bottom and press save (3) when you're done!

If you are a manager, you can also go straight to the Control Panel to add your own questions (4) - we will talk about this in more depth a bit later.




Setting permissions for relatives

In order to see if relatives can see and/or edit this section you just need to scroll to the bottom of their About Me page. If you want change these, click on 'Change Permissions'.




That will take you to this page where you can change if the child's relatives are able to view the all about me page or not, and if they can edit it. To make any changes just tick or untick the relevant permission (1). Once you're happy with the changes press 'Update permissions' (2). Please read on if you would like to update all children's permissions at once.





Customising the About Me page

If you want to add your own statements in, or make it so all children have the same available questions or level of relative access, you need to go to the Tapestry Control Panel which you can do by selecting your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and choosing the 'Control Panel' option from the drop-down list (2). Remember only managers have access to the Control Panel on Tapestry.




In the Control Panel select 'Settings' (1) and then 'About Me' from the drop-down (2).
If you don't want any of the default questions on Tapestry to show, you just need to un-tick them (3). 



If you'd like to add your own questions, scroll to the bottom and select 'Add New Field' (1). That will make a pop up box appear, and you can write your new question there.

When everything is finished click on 'Save' (2) to ensure your changes are saved. The 'Relative Permissions' box (3) updates parental access and edit permissions for all children. It's easier to do this than enabling permission individually.






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