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Booking: Adding a planned absence for a child


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In this tutorial we are going to take a look at adding a planned absence.

Please note that if you are using 'Invoices' on Tapestry any absences you add will not be discounted from the invoices you generate.

The process for adding planned absences is very similar to adding extra bookings, so if you have read the extra bookings tutorial it will be familiar. To start you will need to go to the 'Booking' tab (1), select 'Children' on the left (2) then click the child you would like to book the absence for (3). This will take you to a child's dashboard.

In the 'Extras & Absences' section of the dashboard you can see any extra bookings, absences or charges that have already been added (4). To add a new absence click on the 'New' button (5) and then select 'Absence' from the drop-down menu (6). You can also do this from the 'Extras & Planned Absences' tab (7).





You will then be able to select the reason for the child's absence (1) - either 'Holiday', 'Illness' or 'Other Absence' - and the dates they will be absent (2). If you untick the 'Whole Day' box (3) this will give you the option to select a start and end time as well as the date, so you can use this to signify that they will be absent for part of the day. You will also have the option to add a note (4), which will appear next to the absence when you view the child's absences and extra bookings.

Once you are done, click the 'Save Absence' button at the bottom (5).




You will then be able to see your absence under the 'Extras & Absences' section (1). If you need to edit (2) or delete (3) the absence you can do so by using the buttons to the right.




You'll also be able to see any absences on the child's calendar (1), these will be displayed both at the top of the calendar as well as over the child's regular schedule (2). You'll also be able to see how long the absence is for on each day (3) and the absence type (4).






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