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Booking: Adding an extra booking for a child


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In this tutorial we will look at how to add an extra booking.

The first thing you will need to do, whether you are adding an extra booking or a planned absence, is to navigate to the 'Booking' page (1), select 'Children' (2) and then the child you would like to add the extra booking or planned absence for (3).

This will take you to that child's dashboard. Here you can see any extra bookings, planned absences or charges the child already is in the bottom left-hand corner (4). To add a new extra booking, click on the 'New' button in this section (5). 

You can also go to the 'Extras & Absences' tab at the top to do this (6). 





When you click the 'New' button (1) you will see three options appear, just select 'Booking' (2). It is the same process to do this from the 'Extras & Absences' tab.




You will then be able to select a session, as well as choose a start and end time (1), select a date (2), and decide whether you would like the extra booking to repeat weekly (3) - if you do this you will be able to select an end date. You will also have the option to add a note (4) which will appear next to the booking when you select to view all of your extra bookings and absences.

On the right you can access links to open the child's regular schedule, room moves or extra bookings and absences in a new tab (5). It's worth noting you will not be able to add the booking if it clashes with their regular schedule, or any other extra bookings or planned absences.

Once you are done, click the 'Create Booking' button at the bottom right (6).




You should now be able to see your booking under the 'Extras & Absences' section (1). You can use the buttons to the right of your booking to make any edits (1) or delete it (2).





If you are doing this from 'Extras & Absences' tab (1) you will also see the price of the extra booking (2).





You can also see the extra booking in the child's calendar (1) where you'll be able to see the session type (2) and time the extra booking starts and ends (3).






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