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EYFS 2021 - Thoroughness Screens

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In this tutorial I am going to show how the Thoroughness screen for EYFS 2021 works. There are two screens: Individual and Group View. Please note, only Observations and Reflections that use the flag set "EYFS 2021" will be included in this screen. Also, do be aware the EYFS 2021 flag set was formerly called 'Development Matters 2020' on Tapestry. This was updated to incorporate the Birth to 5 documentation.

The Thoroughness screen was designed to help you see you an overview of your provision, ensuring you are providing broad and rich opportunities across the 7 areas of learning. It's also a useful screen if you want to navigate to all the specific observations you have made in certain areas.

Let's look at the Individual view first. If you want to see how the Group View screen works, just click here


Individual View

To navigate to the Thoroughness screen you will first need to click on Tracking (1), then EYFS 2021 (2) and then "Individual View" underneath Thoroughness (3).




Here you will see this screen where you will first need to select a child (1). You can also specify a period of time the screen shows data within (2). Either one of your assessment periods, the full history or a custom time period of your choosing. 




Once a child is selected, you will see the screen below. As you can see, this shows you the 7 areas of learning and the aspects within on the left hand side. Down the right hand side you will see amount of Observations in each of the areas/aspects (1). And, if you have Reflections enabled, a similar column for these (2). 

The number in each row denotes how many Observations/Reflections have been flagged with that specific flag. As you can see, Abby has one Observation using the "Understanding the world" flag (1) and one Reflection using the "Communication and language" flag (2). 



Clicking on any of these numbers will show you a pop up box with the title and some of the notes included in the Observation or Reflection. 




If you want to see more information, you can click the title of the post and it will open it, in full, in a new window. 

Similarly to other screens on Tapestry, you can export this one as a PDF or a CSV using the buttons near the top (1): 




Group View

To get to the Group View screen, follow the first few steps as before. Go to Tracking (1), then EYFS 2021 (2) and then click Group View (3) 




Once on this screen, you will see the following options. As before, you can select the period of time that this screen pulls data from  (1). You have the usual filtering options for the children: Cohort, Group, Key person etc, which you can select by using the drop down menus (2) You can reset all those filters if needed by clicking the "Reset filters" button (3). And you can export this screen as a CSV or PDF by using these buttons (4) 




If you scroll down you will see your results below: 




As you can see, the areas and aspect of learning are listed down the left-hand side of the screen (1) and the names of your children are listed across the top (2). You can use the top scroll bar to move across the list of children. 

Again, similar to the individual view, this will show you the amount of Observations (and Reflections if enabled) that each child has for each area/aspect. Clicking on any of the blue links (3) will show you more detail and you can navigate to each post which includes this flag for more detail. 



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