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You can link observations, reflections, planned activities, or activities from your own Activities Collection to each other on Tapestry. This can help you to find posts that are related to each other. 

For example, an observation might cause you to think about something you could improve for your setting. In that case you might want to create a reflection with your thoughts in, and link that to the observation that made you think of it.




Some things will automatically be linked together, e.g. observations created from a planned activity. 

For other things you'll need to add the links yourself. If you have permission to do that, you will see a 'Links' box near the bottom of the page when adding or editing an observation, reflection, planned activity, or activity from Our Activities Collection. From there you can add links to different kinds of posts.




Once you've decided which type of post you want to link to (an observation, reflection, planned activity, or activity from Our Activities Collection), and you've clicked to do so, you will see a pop-up which allows you to filter for the specific observation, reflection, or activity (1). Once you've found the one/ones you want, just tick the box next to it/them (2). 




You won't need to press save once you've ticked the boxes, so once you've finished, just click away or on the x in the top corner.




 If you'd then like to link a different type of post as well, you can do that.




As you add them you will be able to see them being linked (1). To unlink any links, you simply click on the X next to them (2).



Linking Timeline

When you link posts together a timeline is created to help show when each post was made. In this example we can see that the reflection ‘Promoting good friendships’ took place before the observation you are currently writing up so it's first in the timeline (1). The current post, in this case an observation, is indicated by the green bar (2). You then have another observation 'What we have in common' afterwards (3). 




If you have any questions please get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info



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