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  1. How many Observations

    Hi everyone, A screen that shows how many observations each individual staff member has made is still on our to do list but it is very near the top now. I'm afraid we still don't have a release date for it yet, but one of us will reply on this threat to let you know when it's ready. Columbo26, what you've described is a little bit different to what we had in mind. Is it important for you to be able to see the number of staff made observations for each child (so the chosen child has 17 observations in this term made by a staff member), regardless of which assessment, if indeed any, has been made? Or would being able to see the number of observations each staff member has made (which we were intending to add in this new screen), and the number of assessments for each child in certain frameworks/aspects (which you can already see in the available analysis screens) be enough? If you do need to see the number of staff made observations for each child, would you need to see that as a single number for each child (so all the observations across all staff members), or broken down into how many each staff member has made for that child (so staff member 1 added 3 observations for the chosen child and staff member 2 added 5 observations for the chosen child etc)? Best wishes, Lauren
  2. COEL

    Hi Wizkidz! Have you seen the analysis area for CoEL? To find that just go to the Tracking tab, then CoEL and click on 'CoEL Dashboard'. From there I think the best page for you to look at would be the Statement Screen. You can see which statements have been selected for a child in each period, but you can also choose to set a custom period if you want to see, for example, which statements have been selected for them across the whole year. Is that the sort of thing you were looking for? Best wishes, Lauren
  3. Hi Heather, Welcome to the forum! I hope you're enjoying your Tapestry trial so far! Yes of course, we'd love for you to join the webinar. I've added you to our sign up list and we'll be in touch closer to the time to give you a link to the session. In the meantime, if you have any questions about Tapestry or need a trial extension or anything, please just send an email to customer.service@eyfs.info. Best wishes, Lauren
  4. Hi Pennysmith, I'm glad to hear you're liking the care diary so far! We do have adding it to the app on our to do list, although I'm not sure when that will be ready because work hasn't started on it just yet. Although we are nearly ready to release the accident recording functionality, there isn't an analysis screen for that just yet. We do think that's a good idea though so I have also added that to the to do list! Best wishes, Lauren
  5. Sure! We try to record all of them so we can see how we can improve and so we can put them up for other forum members to watch at a convenient time for them. We can't guarantee that they will be available though - sometimes, for example, the recording quality isn't great. We have started sending out notes of what the webinar covered to the attendees though so you will be able to refer back to that after the session. Best wishes, Lauren
  6. Hi Sarah, Of course! I've just added you to the attendees list. We'll be in touch closer to the time with a link to the webinar. Looking forward to seeing you there! Best wishes, Lauren
  7. Hi Jo, Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting your question here . You make a good point. We think saying 'not applicable' might still raise questions for parents, so we were thinking it might be better if you could just hide the aspect on reports. Would that work for you? At the moment you can hide whole areas, but in the case of 'Literacy' for example, the 'Reading' aspect would then be hidden too so that might not be appropriate. I've made a note of this on our to do list. Best wishes, Lauren
  8. merging Tapestry file

    Hi Beverly, I'm so sorry for not replying to this sooner - it got a bit lost but we've moved it to the Tapestry discussion room now :). You can merge the children yourself by following the instructions in this tutorial. If there are lots of observations though and you need some assistance, do send in a support ticket to customer.service@eyfs.info and we may be able to help you! Best wishes, Lauren
  9. Newbie

    Yeah, that's a good idea Mouseketeer! It's a little extra work, and you do need to be on the browser in order to split observations (that can't be done through the app yet), but that would certainly be faster than adding the same observation twice. Also, you'd then still be able to hide the media on regular group observations if you wanted to because by splitting it you'd have two single child observations!
  10. Newbie

    Hi Katie, In that case, welcome to the Foundation Stage Forum and to Tapestry! I hope you're getting on alright with everything so far! You can set both parents up with their own access to a child's journal, but they will be able to see all observations/comments the other one makes. I'm sorry about that! Adding individual permissions to say whether certain relatives can see other relative made observations and comments or not is on our to do list, but I'm afraid it's not being worked on quite yet.
  11. From the tracking tab on the browser version of Tapestry, you will now be able to track the children you have been assessing using our SEND framework. The tutorial for the summative assessment screen can be found here and the one for the statement screen can be found here.
  12. EYFS GLD screen

    We have added a screen to EYFS snapshots (found in the tracking tab) that will allow you to set a target age band and refinement and will then tell you the percentage of children in your selected group who are achieving that. Click here to see the tutorial.
  13. KS1 and KS2 Analysis

    We have released the analysis screens for KS1 and 2. You will now be able to track children's attainment, achievement, coverage, and absence from the tracking tab at the top of your page on the browser version.
  14. We have moved the headings 'Snapshots' and 'Analysis' to one single tab - Tracking. This should help you to find those screens a little more easily and will stop Tapestry from getting to crowded. This forum post explains it in more depth.