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  1. When looking at the 'Downloads' section within the control panel you can now see whether each file has been downloaded. That will apply to managers for all files (to see exactly which manager you will need to look at the history) and to relatives when the recipient of the file has been set to 'relative'.
  2. If you click on the question mark next to the Care Diary title (on that page) you will be given a tour of the page and within that, an explanation of what each button does.
  3. Hi, There are a couple of things you can do. The first thing would be to actually have a lawful basis to share those photos - in this case I think consent would be the best one. So, just ask the parents for permission to share the pictures which include their child with other parents from your setting. Lots of settings do get consent for this sort of thing when a child joins because when you set the parents at your setting up on Tapestry, they can see the pictures that are part of published observations of their child, and if they can see something, they can copy it. The other thing you can do is stop parents from seeing the media from group observations (as those are the observations most likely to include multiple children). If you change that permission from within your control panel and then export the journals with relatives as the recipient, that media will not be included. You can also choose to just not include any media in the export at all. It would be a shame to not be able to pass over any of those pictures, but I'm sure the parents would still appreciate getting the notes! If you know there are only a few observations which include several children, perhaps it's worth editing that media specifically to remove the child who shouldn't be there? Best wishes, Lauren
  4. GDPR and downloads

    If pictures of other children only show up in group observations you can set it so those images aren't exported as part of the journal. To do that you just need to go to the permissions section of your control panel and in the relatives bit there, set the permission about them seeing media in group obs to not permitted. Then, if you choose relatives (or the relative's name) as the recipient when you export the journal to PDF, those won't be included. You can also export journals without any photos if you like or if you know that there will be other children in lots of pictures.
  5. Notifications

    Hi Claire, Parents using the app will still get email notifications if they have those set up, but unfortunately they don't get notifications within the app just yet. We would like to see that on the app at some point in the future though! Best wishes, Lauren
  6. GDPR

    Hi StTeresa, As long as you're an FSF member (which I can see you are!), you're welcome to download any of our resources and take anything you find useful from them. To get rid of the water marks, just copy and paste the text into a new document . Best wishes, Lauren
  7. hard back book

    Hi Diesel10, I can definitely see the benefit in having that and it is actually something we have looked into doing in the past! It's not at the top of our list of things to do right now, but it's not out of the question for the future by any means! There are a few things that need to be taken into account with it though, for example security and data protection - we wouldn't want to direct anyone to use a company unless we were sure they were keeping the data very securely. For now I have made a note of this thread on our to do list and will update you if we do start moving forward with it! Best wishes, Lauren
  8. Tapestry letters to parents and GDPR

    Hi Millhill, Just wondering if you've seen the resources we've put up to act as example GDPR compliant privacy notices and enrolment forms? You might be able to adapt those to suit you! Best wishes, Lauren
  9. Hi everyone, This post is to let you know that following an update to our system on the morning of the 30th of May, an issue occurred where some assessments made through the app as part of new observations were not saving. This did not affect anything added through the browser (website) version of Tapestry. It did affect all assessments made through the app in the following frameworks: Aistear Characteristics of Effective Learning Early Years Foundation Stage Early Years Learning Framework Key Stage Leuven Northern Ireland Foundation Stage Northern Ireland Preschool Progress Indicators P Scales Welsh Foundation Phase Framework We're so sorry to anyone affected by this. The issue was resolved at 11am on the 31st but unfortunately we do not have a record of the unsaved assessments, so they cannot be added back into the observations by us. This means that you will need to log back into your Tapestry accounts and edit any observations where the assessments did not save in order for them to appear on Tapestry. We can assure you however, that everything else about the observations e.g. notes and media, were saved and no data already on Tapestry was deleted. If you made an assessment as part of an edit to the observation through the app or added it through the browser version, the assessment will have saved. Apologies again. If you have any questions please do get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info. Best wishes, The Tapestry Team
  10. Of course. We did hit a bit of a snag with it which is why it isn't ready yet, but we haven't forgotten about it! I'll update you all by emailing you as well as posting here when it's released . Best wishes, Lauren
  11. We've been taking a look through the statutory framework for EYFS document here today and it seems as though it is encouraging you to share some information about the child with other relevant early years professionals (and we think that includes future teachers). However, there is a very clear line in 2.5 about only sharing the two year progress check if you have consent. So, we were thinking that you should share the assessment data with new settings, but get consent to send reports (including progress checks). Would that make sense? The easiest way we came up with to do that is to get a copy of everything you want to send to the new setting and then tell the parents that you will send a, b, and c, but you'd also like to send x, y, and z if they will give you consent to do so. Something to watch out for though is media - remember that sometimes other children will appear in the same picture, even if it's just in the background, and you would need consent form their parents too if you want to send over those images. We wanted to create a general consent form, but ultimately found that there were so many variables that any form we came up with would be too complicated to be particularly useful!
  12. GDPR - Contacting parents

    I'm pretty sure you don't need consent to send them invoices. You can't provide the service if they don't pay for it, so I would have thought that comes under the legal basis of 'contract'. For newsletters you can use 'soft opt in' for your existing parents as long as they signed up with you directly rather than you getting their emails from a third party (which I'm sure is the case!), they had the option to tell you they didn't want to receive newsletters when they were first added (e.g. you had a tick box but it was pre-ticked), and as long as your newsletters have an unsubscribe link on them. For people you add to your mailing list from now though you should make sure you have consent. Honeypancakes, can I ask where you saw that it applies to people who you've had dealings with in the last 14 months? It makes sense that they would put a time limit on it, but I haven't seen that figure before.
  13. If you're receiving newsletters from us and don't want to be, it's very easy to unsubscribe. The easiest way is to simply click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of all of the emails we send. If however, you don't have one of those emails to hand, you can also change your preferences from within your FSF account. To do that you just need to click on the notifications bell in the top right hand corner and go to 'Notification Settings'. That will take you to your notification preferences page where you can choose what type of email and internal notifications you would like to receive. If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info.
  14. Parents guide

    Hi, Sorry about that! I think that one got a bit outdated. You can see our up to date resources here though: https://eyfs.info/files/category/107-tapestry/ There are some guides for parents there that hopefully you'll find useful! Best wishes, Lauren
  15. GDPR deleting childrens information.

    The data does need to be deleted without 'undue delay', but the GDPR doesn't give a precise time frame on it. I think as Finleysmaid says, you should inform them that the profile will stay on Tapestry for 90 days, allbeit in an inactive state (so no processing other than storing it will occur), and then a further 90 days in our back ups. We have a 90 day period so that people who accidentally delete a profile or do it on purpose but then realise they need to get it back can do so, but if you or the parent decide you would like to delete a profile fully sooner, you're welcome to get in touch with us. As long as you are a manager on the account we will be happy to speed up the process and skip the 90 day period in which they're still on your account. Best wishes, Lauren