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It is possible to take an online register on Tapestry. The online register uses the children's schedules entered though our Booking feature. You can find our tutorials on setting up and using our Booking feature here.

If you would prefer to print off a paper register from Tapestry you can find our tutorial on this here.

We'll start by looking at how to use the online register. To skip ahead to the section on how to export the online register to PDF click here.


Using the online register

If you're a manager user, you can access the online register by clicking the 'Booking' tab (1), selecting 'Registers' on the left (2), then 'Online Register' (3).





Or if you're a regular staff user or PIN only staff user, you can access it by clicking on the 'Online Register' tab. 




From the Online Register page you will be able to select a date (1), room (2) and sorting order (3). By default the page will show the current day and the whole setting, and it will be ordered alphabetically by the children's first names. You can also select whether or not you would like the page to show children without bookings (4).




If you have a closure on the day you have selected you should see a message noting this.




If you are viewing a past register you will also see a message informing you of this.




You can mark a child in by clicking the green 'In' icon (1). When they have left you will be able to mark them out by clicking the orange 'Out' icon (2). At the top you'll also see a totals count of the day which will tally the number of children currently attending and expected (3).

The children's boxes will be shaded in green or orange to show whether they are currently in or out. The times shown will reflect the time you clicked the 'In' and 'Out' buttons - provided you are on the current day - but we'll look at how you can edit these next.




If you click a child's name on the list (1) some further options will appear on the right. These will allow you to edit the times the child was marked in or out (2), add an absence for the child (managers only) (3), check their bookings (4), or add a note for the child (5). Any notes you add will appear under the 'Notes' section on the register (6).





If you need to delete or edit a register note, just amend or delete the text under in the 'Register Notes' field (1) and click 'Save Register Notes' (2).




If you would like to export the register, please refer to this tutorial here.




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