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Booking: Printing a register


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This guide covers how to export a PDF register from the Tapestry Booking system. The PDF can also be printed and used as a paper register.

At the moment the register can only be used as a paper or PDF record; we hope to add online functionality with future releases for Booking.

Before you export a register from Tapestry you need to enable Booking and setup your children and schedules in the Booking system. Please see this guide to do this.

Once your Booking is setup, you are ready to export registers. Tapestry can generate registers based on bookings you have made for a single day or extended period.

To export a register first navigate to the Booking section of Tapestry:



Once booking is open select Rooms (1) from the side menu, and then select 'Whole Setting' or a particular room (2) to proceed further.

Next click on Print Register (3) to bring up the register export options.

Which room you have open when you click 'Print Register' will change the options pre-selected for the next step, but you can change these if needed.




At the top of the Print Register page you will be able to select your Layout Options. Here you will be able to choose whether you would like to download a daily or a weekly register (1). You will also be able to select whether you would like the times to show each individual session for children, or just the times they will arrive and leave (2). Below this you will be given a selection of optional fields you can choose to add to your download (3). Finally, you will be able to choose the order in which the children are listed (4).




Underneath this you will be able to select your Export Options. In the below example the 'Whole Setting' room option was selected. The names of the other rooms can vary from shown based on what your setting has called them.

1 & 2) Start Date and End Date:  Choose the date you want the register to start and finish on. By default the Start Date and the End Date are the current date. Leave these as they are to export just today's register, or set a period of days or weeks to export several registers at once in the same document. You can also select a start date in the past if you need to backdate a register.

3) Rooms: A pair of radio buttons lets you choose between exporting a register for all children at your setting or exporting a register for a particular selection of rooms at your setting. Create combined register for all children creates a single register for each selected day.

4) Generate PDF: Press this when you are ready to generate your PDF!




In the next example we started with the room '0-2 year olds' instead of 'Whole Setting', so Create separate register for each room is pre-selected, and that room is ticked (1). 

Create separate register for each room
 is used to create a register for a single room, or separate registers for different rooms on the same PDF document.

If desired you can tick all the rooms which will create a PDF with separate registers for each room included on the same document, or untick 0-2 year olds and select a different room for export.

When you are done just click Generate PDF (2).




Your generated PDF will look something like this:




You can then print this document using the normal method of printing for your PDF viewer and operating system.




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