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In order to set targets for your children using the Cherry Garden framework, visit the ‘Target Setting’ tutorial.



To find the Targets Progress page, first select ‘Tracking’ (1) from the top menu, choose the Cherry Garden framework (2), and then select ‘Targets progress’ from the ‘Analysis’ section (3):





You will then be able to select a Year, a Start Period, End Period (1) a Child (2) and a Strand (3).  Once you have made these selections, you will be able to see the progress the child has made in the chosen period.





In the above example, Anna has made progress in Branch 2 and Branch 3 in the Language and Communication strand.  At the bottom of the page, at the foot of the Summer Term column, Anna’s target for the year is displayed (this will have previously been set in the ‘Target Setting’ page), and a green tick to signify that this target has been met (4).  If it had not been met, then a red cross would appear.

It is not a requirement to have set targets to view this page, and even without saved targets, this can be a useful page as it clearly shows progress across each branch.


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