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Setting Targets for Cherry Garden


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To set these you need to be logged into the browser version of Tapestry and look in the 'Tracking' tab (1). From there you will need to go to the Cherry Garden section (2) and then select 'Target Setting, Individual View' (3). 




That will take you to a screen where you need to select the child you want to set a target for (1). You can also change the year if you don't want to look at/set the target for the current academic year (2). 




As soon as you have selected a child, a list of the all the strands will appear (1). The 'Starting Branch' and 'Starting Completion' will already be filled in (2). Those will be the baseline scores, or, if you don't have one of those, the first branch level that is available for that strand. For example, whilst 'Language & Communication' starts at branch 1, 'Number' starts at branch 4. The child in my example hasn't started Number activities yet so it is still at the the lowest possible level. 



If the child has been with you for several years or if you haven't entered the baselines sores on Tapestry, the default ones might not be relevant though, so you can override those scores with whatever you like.

You can do that simply by clicking on the box you want to change and choosing the appropriate figure. 




You then need to set the target itself. You do that in the same way - just by selecting the appropriate branch and completion percentage (1). 

This should be where you want the child to be at the end of the last period of the academic year.  

If you don't think they'll have started developing into a particular strand or if you just don't want to set a target for a particular strand, you can just leave it blank. 

Once you are happy with the targets you have set, remember to save (2). You can come back and change these at any point so don't worry too much if you're not 100% sure about what you've selected. 




That's it! If you want to see how you can track the progress that is being made and how on track the child is, please go our tutorial on Target tracking for Cherry Garden. 


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